Taipei Holds Strategic Simulation for COVID-19|北市舉行肺炎防疫兵推 柯文哲坐鎮指揮

Taipei has conducted the "COVID-19 Expansion of Control" strategic simulation with its Mayor Ko Wen-je acting as the commander-in-chief. The simulation mimics an expansion of control in the situation where imported COVID-19 cases have resulted in multiple cluster infections in Taipei. However, many criticized Ko for doing this, too late.

In order to bar imported cases of COVID-19, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je is conducting an "Expansion of Control due to COVID-19" strategic simulation in Taipei. The simulation mocks an expansion of control if imported confirmed cases have resulted in multiple cluster infections. The 3 stages in the simulation includes planning and preparation, implementation and the lifting of control. Ko said that if Taiwan does not go into a lockdown, there is still the possibility of imported infections.

Taiwan needs to set up defense to avoid the situation in Korea, where the number of infected people soars to more than 10,000 or in Singapore, where the confirmed cases per day jumped to the thousands. We don't need to go into a lockdown drill but we need to be prepared. I'm quoting former President Lee "we need to be prepared to react to all sorts of different scenarios."

Taipei is conducting the simulation based on 23 issues, including traffic control, staple merchandise supply, medical resources and how to keep government bodies running. However, some criticized Ko for being too slow to react since there have been zero confirmed cases for the past 4 days already. So it seems a little late to be carrying out a simulation. Ko cited endorsements from scholars and stressed such simulations should be recognized before a vaccine is invented.

Ko also responded to questions related to the fire tragedy at the Cashbox Linsen branch such as when the City Government will announce the list of people to be punished.

A case report will be released on Monday. We will hold the people in question accountable no matter what. We still need to report to the City Council but I believe the civil servants of Taipei is the best in all of Taiwan. We are not 100 percent perfect, we must have inherent flaws.

Ko opposed the idea of pinpointing a certain group of people, but Cashbox did pass the safety inspection for twenty times in the past and now 4 out of 6 inspected branches are suspended. The Taipei City Government can hardly absolve oneself from the blame. The government is assigning a special task force to examine if there were potential deficiencies in the safety inspections previously. Ko thinks it's a safety system failure and not human error that caused the fire. Punishments will be carried out once the investigation is complete.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「台灣不設防,還是會出現像韓國,一下就跳到上萬人,或像新加坡一天就上千例。封城演習就不用,但是計畫書要寫好,引用李總統講的,18般的這個劇本要寫好。」



台北市長 柯文哲表示:「禮拜一還是有專案報告,所以這樣跑得了和尚跑不了廟,我們還是要去面對議會監督,我相信台北市的公務員,還是全台最優秀,我們也不是100分,一定有缺點。」