4 Cashbox KTV Suspended in Taipei |錢櫃北市4分店消防安檢未過 遭勒令停業

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je ordered fire safety inspections in 6 other Cashbox KTV parlors after a deadly fire broke out in its Linsen branch, claiming five lives. Four of the chain's branches, including Dunnan, Zhonghua, Songjiang and Nanjing were suspended after failing the inspections. Mayor Ko Wen-je stressed they can only resume business if they meet all the related regulations. The company was ordered to make improvements within 3 days.

Taipei Fire Department officer posts a notice of non-compliance on the front doors of the Cashbox Partyworld's KTV and ordered the KTV to suspend operation immediately as it failed the fire safety inspection. The suspended location was ordered to make the necessary improvements within 3 days. The city government carried out fire safety inspection in all 6 KTV branches in Taipei and four branches have failed the inspection. The Nanjing East Road branch and the Songjiang branch needed to make improvements in its fire prevention management and broadcasting system while the fire escape equipment and the smoke exhaust system did not meet the standard at the Dunnan branch. Fire prevention management, fire sprinkler, the emergency exit sign and the lighting system failed to meet the standard at the Zhonghua branch in Ximen.

We've listed these as non-compliant with the safety regulations and we immediately posted a notice of non-compliance last night and suspended the KTV's operation.

The Taipei City Government has ordered the KTV to make improvements within 3 days. If improvements were not made by the deadline, the City Government would continue to issue fines. The KTV could resume its operation once it applies for improvement and can be confirmed by the Fire Department. A city councilor found a joint-audit on April 22nd on the Linshen branch and the record showed there was construction underway but the Fire Department failed to request the operator to submit a fire protection plan. The Fire Department responded by saying that the data was not uploaded into the system, therefore they were not aware of it.

The Construction Management Office might have seen areas in the KTV branch were under construction so the officer did check off the box where it said areas under construction. However, the case was not uploaded to the system on April 22nd so the case was not in the safety inspection system when we checked the system.

The KTV applied for a construction permit and submitted the pre-construction protection plan to the Construction Management Office. However, the Construction Management Office did not need to confirm the fire safety protection plan with the Fire Department before they granted the permits, therefore a bug in the system was created.
Councilor Hsu Chiao-Hsin said the lateral communications between departments such as the Fire Department and the Construction Management Office need to be improved. As the fire alarm was switched off manually in this fire accident, Councilor Yu Shu-hui has made two appeals. The first is to request the Fire Detector Central Control be remotely connected and perform real-time monitoring on any violation. The second is to install an automatic notification system which will call to fire station by the telecommunication cable and lower the casualties.


北市消防局副局長 畢幼明表示:「這些我們都列為缺失,昨天晚上也立即地執行,不合格場所的一個公告,跟停止營業的公告。」


北市消防局副局長 畢幼明表示:「(建管處)可能在現場,看到疑似(施工)的情形,建管處執行的同仁勾的,所以這個案子在4月22日,整個資料因為還沒有上到系統裡面,所以我們在查核整個安管系統裡面,就沒有發現這個案子。」

國民黨市議員 徐巧芯表示:「他向建管處申請裝修許可,跟他有沒有提出防護計劃,建管處這邊不需要向消防局確認,他有提交消防防護計劃以後,他才可以核發建管相關的許可,所以這個bug就在這邊。」


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