"1968" App Upgraded to Provide Info on Crowds at Tourist Spots|新版"1968"App 可掌握全國景點人潮

To support disease prevention, the government is set to announce an upgraded version of the "1968" app on April 28, ahead of the Labor Day long weekend. The app features a color-coded system for 234 tourist attractions in Taiwan, to let the public identify how dense the crowds are at those sites. The data will be updated every 10 minutes to provide the most up to date information.

This is the "1968" mobile phone app developed by the Freeway Bureau. It provides real-time information on freeway traffic conditions. A new feature was recently added as part of the government's disease prevention efforts. It provides color-coded information on the number of people at 234 tourist attractions around Taiwan. Green means normal, yellow signifies more than normal, and red means crowds. The app was tested at 9 a.m. on April 27, and the only scenic spot in Taiwan flashing "red" was Nantou's Jiji Township. There were also several tourist attractions in Hsinchu that were "yellow."

Is it possible that there are more people than normal at Hsinchu's Leofoo Village Theme Park at nine in the morning? It's within the acceptable range.

According to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the app uses big data from Chunghwa Telecom to determine how many people are at one attraction at any one time. The numbers are updated every 10 minutes. The iOS app with the new feature is already out, while the Android version will be released before April 29. Some residents have concerns about privacy. The ministry says only total numbers are used and no individual information is involved.

It's only the total, there is no individual information involved. Our base stations will probably know your phone is on and how much big data there are. We can use this to carry out smart traffic management and offer services.

The Central Epidemic Command Center will announce the upgraded app on April 28. In the meantime, the parking lots of tourist attractions will only be allowed to fill to 50 percent capacity. It is hoped this information and the color-coded system will allow people to adjust their itineraries depending on current situations.


國民黨立委 洪孟楷 vs交通部長林佳龍表示:「(這個時候早上九點鐘,有可能新竹的六福村野生動物園人會多嗎?) 這個,它那個就是範圍嘛,就是多大的範圍內。」



週二會由中央流行疫情指揮中心召開記者會,正式公布加強版 app,除了景點分為三色警示,景區停車場最大乘載量只能五成,希望以此資訊方便用路人及時掌握景區資訊,能及時調整行程。