WHO Refutes Claims About Taiwan Warning|譚德塞稱台未提人傳人 首份通報來自中國

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus denied claims that Taiwan had warned the WHO about human to human transmission of COVID-19. He said there was no such warning, and the first notice the WHO received was from China.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus addressed the topic of Taiwan on April 20 in Geneva after having avoided it for several days. He pointed out that claims about the WHO ignoring Taiwan's warnings about COVID-19's human to human transmission at the end of 2019 are untrue. Tedros said there was no such warning, explaining that Taiwan did not mention anything about human to human transmission. He said Taiwan only requested the same thing as other countries, which was for information relevant to the situation. Moreover, the first report the WHO received was sent by China. Tedros added that all documents are available for public perusal.

Taiwan didn't report any human to human transmission. This has to be clear. The report first came from China, that's number one fact, from Wuhan itself. Second, the email from Taiwan, like other entities, was to ask for clarification, nothing else.

Tedros also addressed accusations from the United States that the WHO helped China to conceal the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the WHO sounded the alarm from the very start and there are no secrets at the agency.

WHO is open. We don't hide anything. It's open. Not only for CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control), them sending messages, or others - we want all countries to get the same message.

Tedros also urged world leaders to refrain from using the virus to attack each other or exploit it for political gain. He warned that doing so is like playing with fire and could result in political problems that may further fuel this pandemic.


世界衛生組織秘書長 譚德塞表示:「台灣沒有通報任何人傳人(訊息),我必須要講清楚。第一份報告來自中國,那是第一份,事實是,從武漢本身來的。第二、台灣發的電郵,就跟其他實體一樣,只是要求說明,就這樣而已。」


世界衛生組織秘書長 譚德塞表示:「至於WHO是開放的,我們不隱藏任何事情,我們很公開,不只對CDC,他們會傳遞訊息給CDC或其他人,我們會讓所有國家都得到相同訊息。」