I-Shou Students Want Time Off Due to Infected Sailor|緊鄰官兵足跡熱區 義守大學允從寬准假

One of the infected sailors visited E-Da Outlet Mall before being recalled for quarantine. Students from nearby I-Shou University go to the mall all the time and many work there part-time. Many are thus calling for remote learning or time off from School.

I-Shou University students are fearful after it was revealed one of the sailors that tested positive for COVID-19 visited E-Da Outlet Mall, where many them hang out or work part-time. Students are asking the school to take appropriate action.

No one knows who visited the mall, so I think a switch to remote learning would be safer since there is a lot of daily contact.

We have told the school (we prefer an online learning format). They did not take any immediate action.

One student says he called the school's disease prevention hotline but couldn't get an answer to his question and the school should activate remote learning as soon as possible. Others want to take a leave from school until the situation improves. On the 21st, the school said it would relax standards for leave applications and remote learning can be activated at any time.

Due to the pandemic, we are gradually shifting towards remote learning. However, we have to follow the Ministry of Education's guidelines as far as the timetable for complete implementation goes.

Students are also calling on the school to proactively survey and find out how many students recently visited the mall and received warning texts.

Taichung's Hungkuang University is also on high alert as one of the infected sailors spent time in the same district. According to school officials, eight students received warning texts.

Some students say they work at flagged sites but there was no close contact. Even so, we have asked these students to stay at home and self-manage their health for 14 days.

The school has asked the students to monitor their health for 14 days and says it will let the students take any exams they have during this time online.





義守大學學務長 危永中表示:「因為因應疫情的變化,也逐步在在進行,我們的一些(遠距教學)演練,但是這些所有的遠距教學措施的實施,全面實施的時機,我們還是必須要依照,教育部給我們的指引來進行。」



弘光科大學務長 閔宇經表示:「有同學就是說,他在相關的匡列地點打工,但是也沒有近距離的接觸,這幾個同學的話,我們還是特別請他,在家自主管理14天。」