MND Blasted for Choosing High School As Quarantine Meeting Point|選台中一中為集合地點 立委批國防部草率

M. Chuang
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Three more cases of COVID-19 from a cluster infection aboard on the naval Panshi Fast Combat Support Ship were confirmed on April 21, bringing the total number to 27. The Ministry of National Defense had rushed to recall naval personnel for quarantine. However, the ministry has asked the sailors to gather at Taichung First Senior High School, which is in a very population-dense area, and without first inquiring for the school's permission. This decision has thus drawn criticism from legislators, who are calling to nail the person who is responsible.

Workers disinfect Taichung First Senior High School and its surroundings after the Ministry of National Defense ordered sailors from the Panshi Fast Combat Support Ship to meet there for transport to test and quarantine. The ministry didn't bother to inform the school beforehand, which has sparked outrage among parents. Lawmakers are also blasting the ministry.

The Ministry of National Defense) initially said their vehicles parked outside the school gates and no one entered the campus. We later found a photo that showed the vehicles. This one shows the vehicles as well. These are the vehicles; this is the campus of Taichung First Senior High School.

Most of the (meeting points) were at the gates of elementary and junior high schools. We asked them if they bothered to notify the schools beforehand. Their answer was, they did not notify any municipal governments or any of the schools, to prevent panic. After the news broke, it sparked even greater panic.

School officials refused to allow the sailors to enter the campus. Meanwhile, lawmaker Chang Liao Wan-chien says the ministry's decisions ran counter to Central Epidemic Command Center directives and put students in danger. Ministry officials were conspicuously absent from the press conference. In a written statement, the ministry says it chose the school as a meeting point because of adequate space and air circulation, and ease of access and identifiable location. Lawmakers are having none of it.

The K-12 Administration did not, in fact, receive any notifications. As Taichung First Senior High School is under the direct jurisdiction of the Taichung City Government, we contacted the Taichung City Education Bureau to find out if they were notified. They were not.

Lawmaker Ho Hsin-chun says the school and other meeting points chosen by the government met none of the Navy's three conditions, which were closest to residential areas, minimal traffic disruption, and empty space. She called on the ministry to be honest with the public and live up to its responsibilities.


民進黨立委 黃國書表示:「(國防部)在第一時間說他們的車輛,只有在校門口,並沒有進入校園,後來我們找到了現場一些照片,這個就是國防部,軍方的檢疫車輛,這張也是,這個就是國防部的檢疫車輛,這個就是台中一中的校園。」

民進黨立委 張廖萬堅表示:「大量的(召回地點)都是在中、小學的門口,我們問他說,有沒有事先跟學校知會,他的回答是說,為了避免造成地方的恐慌,所以沒有告知在地的地方政府,也沒有跟學校通知,結果事情一曝光之後,就引起更大的恐慌。」


教育部國教署專委 詹雅惠表示:「國教署確實是沒有接到任何的通知,因為台中一中,是屬於台中市府的轄管學校,有聯繫台中市教育局,也沒有接到相關的通知。」