Night Markets Conform to Disease Control Regulations|配合口罩.人流管制 攤商用餐區架板隔離

The Central Epidemic Command Center recently imposed crowd control measures at traditional markets and commercial districts. Many night markets are conforming to this policy, and some food vendors have even spent their own money to add transparent partitions to dining areas.

There are not many visitors to this night market on this night, a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Visitors have to have their temperatures taken before they can enter, and wear masks the entire time. Vendors selling prepared foods have also enacted their own disease prevention measures, such as adding partitions to dining areas and prohibiting diners from putting tables together.

We're not allowing people to combine tables, unless there is a family and there aren't any empty tables with three or four stools available.

This is the first time we've seen anything like this, the first time.

Some vendors have begun covering prepared foods with transparent plastic covers to prevent them from becoming contaminated, and they won't be opened unless someone is going to buy them. Miaoli City's Yingcai Night Market, which is located behind the train station, is the only legally registered night market in Miaoli County. It is conforming to disease prevention regulations by only allowing 500 people in at one time.

We took this bypass measure of limiting the number of people inside to 500. If there are more than 500 people, then we will first prohibit the entry and exit of personnel. We don't want there to be any gaps in the disease prevention work.

The Miaoli City Office says the night market had four entrances, but three have been closed, leaving just one. Controls have also been enacted at the remaining entrance. It is estimated that the night market's turnover has fallen by 50 percent. Some vendors also have brick and mortar shops, so they have decided not to sell at the night market during this time. The public is asked to conform to all disease prevention measures.





苗栗市長 邱鎮軍表示:「我們做了這個分流的措施,限制500人的人數,在裡面來活動,如果有超過的時候,我們就會先禁止人員的進出。也希望這個防疫的工作,能夠做到沒有漏洞。」


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