"Taiwan Can Help" Ad Published in New York Times|反擊譚德塞紐時募資廣告 聶永真揭設計意涵

Taiwanese YouTuber Ray Du and graphic designer Aaron Nieh, along with several others began a crowd-funding project to publish a full-page advertisement in the New York Times as a strike back after the WHO Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom's accusations against Taiwan. On April 14th, Nieh posted the full ad and his design concept on Facebook to tell the world that "Taiwan can help"!

The white hole on the ad symbolizes the gap in epidemic containment caused by the WHO's slow response and political interference. The blue rectangle below shows that Taiwan is building a path, an exit, which is a methodology to offer the greatest assistance to the world. The advertisement is a crowdfunding project initiated by graphic designer Aaron Nieh and YouTube Ray Du and published in The New York Times on April 14th (US Time). The whole campaign started when WHO's Secretary-General's false accusation of Taiwan on April 8th.

He lashed out at Taiwan for 3 minutes, accusing Taiwan for the death threats and racist comments that he's received in the past 3 months. I have to admit I was so shocked when I saw the video. I was so mad that I wrote a post about it.

President Tsai Ing-wen shared the ad on her Facebook and thanked the 26,980 contributors for their efforts. The President said that there are many ways for Taiwan to be included in the international platform and the crowd-funding campaign is a great way to start.

Dubbed the "credit card goddess", internet celebrity Yang Hui-ju questions the YouTuber's legitimacy to issue a formal condemnation on Taiwan's behalf.

The YouTuber later posted an apology and change the content of the open letter to a great extent. The campaign team said the remains of the fund will be used on digital advertising as part of the "Taiwan Can Help" campaign and assist in the global virus prevention. According to the Central News Agency, WHO has issued 13 statements, stressing that the organization has maintained communications with Taiwan's health departments for decades.


YouTuber 阿滴[4.9]表示:「他飆罵了台灣三分鐘,指控說過去三個月,受到的死亡威脅、種族歧視,都是來自於台灣。我必須承認,我看到這個影片的當下,是極度傻眼,我甚至是氣到直接發了一篇文。」

總統蔡英文也在臉書上分享,並感謝26980團隊的努力,表示台灣走向世界有很多種方式,集資登廣告等都是很好的起點。不過日前活動一出,卡神楊蕙如曾經批評,為什麼一個YouTuber的立場可以代表台灣去罵人,這也讓阿滴發文道歉,並大幅度改寫公開信內容,募資團隊表示,剩下款項將用來數位宣傳Taiwan can help,以及協助全球防疫。根據中央社的報導,WHO對廣告做出13點聲明,強調數十年來一直和台灣衛生部門有保持衛生交流。