Taoyuan Catches Two Open Karaoke Bars in Spot Inspection|桃園查獲2家有女陪侍KTV營業 勒令停業

The Central Epidemic Command Center has ordered the closure of all hostess clubs and dance halls. During a spot inspection on April 13, Taoyuan City authorities discovered there were two karaoke bars that were still operating, and ordered them to close on the spot.

The metal gate has been pulled down, showing this karaoke hostess bar is not open for business. On April 13, Taoyuan City authorities carried out a spot inspection to check whether hostess clubs and dance halls have ceased operating, after they were ordered to do so by the Central Epidemic Command Center. The authorities discovered there were two karaoke hostess bars located on Minzu Road that remained open, and ordered them to close on the spot. The bars were not fined, but authorities say another violation will result in a fine not exceeding NT$1 million.
That's one of the eight sex-related industries, it's probably an illicit bar.

This was a place for recreation. I think a ban is the right thing to do. (Because disease prevention takes priority right now.) That's right.

County and city governments had different standards for hostess clubs and dance halls after the CECC issued the order for these establishments to close after a hostess tested positive for COVID-19. Taoyuan City took a strict approach, and ordered all establishments providing host and hostess services to comply with the government's disease prevention controls.

These were two establishments that offered hostess services, which mean they are included in the ban and these standards apply to them. Both have closed.

Taoyuan City's Department of Economic Development says the first time an establishment is caught violating regulations, authorities will try and use persuasion to get them to cease operations. A subsequent violation will result in a fine of between NT$50,000 and NT$1 million for violating the Special Act for Prevention, Relief, and Revitalization Measures for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens. Establishments are asked to cease operating during this extraordinary time to prevent infection.



民眾表示:「這是消遣的地方吧,我是覺得禁止應該會比較好。(目前還是防疫優先?) 對。」


桃園市長 鄭文燦表示:「兩家小吃店型態的,因為有涉及有女陪侍,這一類型的也要納入,所以業者也予以接受規範,這兩家一樣停業。」