Eslite Closing Taitung Store, Exiting Market?|租約到期未投標 誠品恐撤出台東故事館

Eslite Taitung Story House, a cultural landmark of Taitung County, will reportedly close after 13 years with Eslite exiting the Taitung Market. Eslite did not submit a tender in a recent tenancy bid, which received zero tenders. The department says it will hold another bid and it hopes Eslite can stay.

The building that currently houses Eslite Taitung Story House is a historical site dating back to the period of Japanese occupation. After the Taitung Land Office moved in 1997, the county government turned the building into a cultural exhibition space. Eslite moved in in 2007 after winning a tenancy bid. With Eslite's lease set to expire, the county recently held a new tenancy bid but received zero tenders.

The deadline for the first bid has passed, and no one submitted a tender -- Eslite included.

Many local artists were surprised to hear Eslite is reportedly exiting the Taitung market.

It's unbelievable. I'm incredulous a city would let such a good bookstore like Eslite leave.

In the future, Taitung residents will no longer have a place like this where they can sit down and read a book.

Eslite's lease expires at the end of May. The next lease is for nine years and 10 months with total rent of over NT$3 million. Staff say they haven't heard anything about the store closing. The county government says it will continue negotiating with Eslite but is also preparing for the next bid.


台東縣文化處長 鍾青柏表示:「第一次的決標日期截止,確實到截止日為止,是沒有任何人來投標,包括誠品在內。」


台東詩人 徐慶東表示:「晴天霹靂,不可思議的,當一個城市,讓一個這麼好的誠品書店撤離之後,我真的很難想像。」

民眾 彭先生表示:「可能台東人,之後可能就沒有地方,像這樣,可以坐在這邊看書。」