ROC Citizens Complain Airfare from China Too Expensive|湖北台人"類包機"返國 華航客機擔綱

Two more flights to bring ROC citizens back to Taiwan from Hubei are scheduled to fly on Mar. 29 and 30, with some people complaining about the cost of airfare, which is RMB 2,100, being too high. Premier Su Tseng-chang said the price is set by the airlines and he sees nothing wrong with the logic of passengers paying for their own tickets.

The Straits Exchange Foundation has announced two flights departing Shanghai on Mar. 29 and 30 for the 800-plus ROC citizens still in Hubei. Both are existing China Airlines commercial flights that will be operated in a "charter model" with medical personnel and no other passengers on board. Over 400 people have registered so far, but many are complaining the cost of airfare is too high. Premier Su Tseng-chang says users should pay.

We are doing what we can to protect the safety of the passengers on the flight and the safety of our 23 million compatriots. As for the cost of airfare, users should pay.

The foundation says ticket prices, which are RMB 2,100 for passengers over the age of 12, RMB 1,700 for passengers between 2 and 12, and RMB 200 for passengers under 2, were set by China Airlines. One pan-green lawmaker says people shouldn't complain when they can get home and everyone is trying their best.

What's most important is for them to get home as soon as possible. Why are these people even having these thoughts?

With regards to joint cross-strait disease prevention, action speaks louder than words.

On the 26th, the Executive Yuan announced a 40 percent wage subsidy of up to NT$20,000 per month for tourism industry companies that don't lay off workers and continue paying employees 80 percent of their wage. One lawmaker says Taiwan's bailout budget is nominal compared to other countries and the government should expand the distribution of consumer vouchers.

We need to bail out anyone that needs bailing out. That is why it's called a "bailout." There should be equal treatment for everyone.

From a social perspective, we need to seriously think about the distribution of consumer vouchers. We also need to think about whether we need to prepare for the distribution of unemployment relief funds.

Opposition lawmakers have been calling for Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung to be replaced. Su is dismissing the calls.


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「能保護同機乘客的安全,也能保護2千3百萬同胞的安全為考量,至於機票的價格等等,使用者付費。」


民進黨立委 陳亭妃表示:「在最短的時間內,可以回來最重要,怎麼現在還有這些,大家的疑慮呢。」

國民黨立委 林為洲表示:「對於兩岸共同防疫這件事,盡量少一點口水,盡量做實事。」


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「任何困的人我們都要紓(困),所以叫做紓困,所以要雨露均霑。」

國民黨立委 陳以信表示:「對於社會而言,也必須要認真考慮,是否再度發放全民消費券,也必須考慮是否準備發放失業救濟金。」