COVID-19 Also Affecting Arts, Cultural Activities|文化部抗疫 暫停所屬機關主辦室內活動

The Central Epidemic Command Center recently recommended the cancelation of indoor events with more than 100 people and outdoor events with more than 500 people as a disease prevention measure. In response, The Ministry of Culture has ordered all of its subordinate agencies and affiliated institutions to cancel all their indoor activities and performances.

Visitors to the National Palace Museum wear face masks as they get their temperature taken before they are allowed to head inside. These days, the museum doesn't have many visitors.

I decided to take advantage of this time when there aren't that many visitors to come and visit the National Palace Museum. I haven't been here in a dozen years. This is a good time for residents to visit.

Prior to the coronavirus disease 2019 epidemic, the National Palace Museum had around 7,000 to 8,000 visitors on weekdays. Now, that number has plummeted to 200 and the museum has lost tens of millions in revenue. In response to the outbreak, the museum limited visitor numbers to 100 at any one time, and requires visitors to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. It has also set up a waiting area in case numbers exceed 100 inside the venue.

The number of visitors can't exceed 100 in every time slot. The distance people need to maintain while waiting in line is three floor tiles, or roughly 1.8 meters. If there are tour groups, we hope they can be separated and visit different areas.

Public libraries remain open, although visitors must have their temperatures taken and disinfect their hands before they can enter. The distance between seats has been expanded, and partitions have also been set up between seats. Kaohsiung Public Library is requesting visitors to wear masks at all times.

We hope the mask regulation will be followed, and we discourage people with fevers from entering.

The National Theater and Concert Hall has canceled or postponed performances due to the outbreak, and social distance seating has been implemented for events taking place at leased venues. There are also discussions on postponement.

What remains on the schedule are performances at small venues. We already made social distance seating arrangements. For those with capacities of over 100, we proposed decreasing the number of spectators or postponing the performance. We're utilizing rolling wave management.

The Ministry of Culture has ordered its subordinate agencies and affiliated institutions to cancel all the indoor activities and performances that they are organizing or co-organizing in accordance with disease prevention regulations. It is also recommending the cancellation or postponement of indoor activities held at leased venues with over 100 people. The government has prepared financial relief measures and will also conduct cross-ministry meetings to help the culture and arts industry apply for financial relief measures offered by other ministries.




國立故宮博物院副院長 黃永泰表示:「在每一個時段,以不超過100個人排隊的路線,每一個人的距離,是三個磁磚的距離,大概一米八左右。如果旅行社、團客來的,我們更是希望他們分層分區,這樣來做參訪的一個動作。」


高雄市立圖書館館長 潘政儀表示:「希望能夠落實戴口罩,那如果說身體有發燒的話,就不要進來。」


國家兩廳院藝術總監 劉怡汝表示:「我們現在剩下的,就是一些在小廳裡面的演出,之前就已經在做,間隔座的這個安排了。有一些多於百人的,我們就會跟他(該單位)商議,說是要減少觀眾的數量,還是要延期,處於滾動式的管理。」