Indian Police Punish Violators of 3-Week Nation-wide Lockdown|印度鎖國3週 當街體罰違規上街民眾

In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, India, in which there are currently 500 confirmed cases, announced that the country will close its borders for 21 days starting on March 25. This move makes it the largest-scale lockdown undertaken by a country as 1.3 billion people will be ordered to stay home.

Indian Capital New Delhi has become a ghost city over night. The large crowds and traffic congestion are no longer seen on the city's main roads. The local residents are only allowed to leave home to purchase basic necessities, and they have to wear masks and disinfect their hands in the process. Kolkata Airport and the train stations have been evacuated. The police have been patrolling all across the country to enforce the lockdown. In the northern province of Punjab, the police were seen scolding and dishing out corporal punishment on those who violate the policy.

Stand there. Cover your face first. Why? Why? Will you come out again to violate the safety of this city? No sir. Apologise. Sorry sir.

These are senseless people. They have no brains. The world is facing a calamity. We are taking precautions. Stores that sells life necessities, as well as drug stores, are still open to the public. All incoming customers are required to wear masks and to keep at least one-meter distance from each other. In order to prevent a full-blown outburst, most in the country's middle class said they are willing to fall in line with the lockdown. But they've also expressed hope for the government to help those in lower socioeconomic classes.

Like me, we will get by and earn a living. But others who are poor and are dependent on their daily wage for their daily bread, how will they get by?

People would realize what is a "black swan", what is the unpredictable things that happen to their lives. Maybe something good will come out (of this), not economically.

Ordering 1.3 billion people to stay home for 21 days is the largest-scale lockdown measure that a country has taken so far. The residents in India are ordered to not leave their places unless they need to purchase food, medicine, milk formula and other life necessities. The lockdown order prompted a shopping spree before it took effect. The government of India said they will ensure the supply of all commodities, and that the transportation network will continue as usual. The government has worked with local e-commerce companies to help deliver basic necessities directly to the residents' homes in order to minimize the need for people to go out.


警察斥責違規民眾:「(你先退後,把臉遮好。為什麼?為什麼這樣?你們還會出來危害城市安全嗎?) 不會了,先生。(給我道歉。) 對不起,先生。」

警察 辛格表示:「這些人無知,沒有頭腦。世界面臨災難,我們正採取預防措施。」


藥劑師 達斯表示:「我們照樣過日子謀生,但其他人,那些窮人,他們每天靠日薪填飽肚子,他們要如何生活?」

會計師 阿嘉瓦爾表示:「人們會意識到黑天鵝是什麼?生活中會發生什麼不可預測的事情?或許會得到經濟層面以外的受益。」