Ballroom Dancing Teacher Serena Liu Dies at 44|多重器官衰竭 劉真22號病逝 享年44歲

Celebrity ballroom dancing teacher Serena Liu underwent surgery for aortic stenosis at the Taipei Veterans Hospital in February. However, an unexpected complication has led to heart failure and the doctors couldn't bring her back after a 45-day effort. Liu passed on the evening of March 22 due multiple organ failures. She was 44 years old when she passed away.

This is celebrity ballroom dancing teacher Serena Liu. In her short video, she teaches the public on how to maintain a good shape without going to gym. On February 7, Liu underwent a surgery for aortic stenosis at the Taipei Veterans Hospital. However, she suffered a cardiac arrest during the surgery, and was put on extracorporeal life support. After the doctors removed the extracorporeal life support at the end of February, Liu was awaiting for a heart swap. However, she passed away on 10:22 pm on March 22, at the age of 44. Her partner Hsin Lung, was devastated about her passing.

During Liu's final days, Hsin Lung (her partner) kept holding her hands and didn't want to let go. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je came to visit them and he talked to Hsin Lung, telling him that Liu no longer had any chance of survival.

A cardiologist said that the aortic valve plays a vital role in pumping the blood flow throughout the body. If the valve gets too tight or cannot close properly, a patient would suffer from symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and even fainting. A severe case of aortic stenosis could even lead to heart failure. A congenital case would be easy to detect when a patient is young. If the symptoms are acquired after a patient grows to an adult, the reasons could be complex, though 90 percent of the cases are caused by aging and calcification of the heart. The treatment for aortic stenosis mostly consists of medication or surgery.

If the doctors don't perform a valve replacement operation, there's a 50 percent chance that the patient won't survive for more than five years. If a patient experience fainting, then 50 percent of these cases won't survive for more than three years.

The doctors said that if members of the public experience symptoms such as heavy breathing or unexpected fainting, they should immediately admit themselves to a hospital to check for possibilities of aortic stenosis.


經紀公司老闆 吳宗憲表示:「在最後這個階段,辛龍他一直不願意放手,柯市長、柯P親自到現場再看過一次,也跟辛龍做了懇談,真的是沒有機會了。」


台安醫院心導管室主任 林謂文表示:「如果不做瓣膜置換的話,大概有50%,活不過超過5年。如果產生所謂的暈厥的現象的話,大概有50%的人,活不過超過3年。」