Public Urged to Stop Panic Buying|竹市搶購物資人數增 以衛生紙.泡麵為主

Many people are reacting to the widening coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak by panic buying toilet paper and instant noodles at hypermarkets. At traditional markets, average vegetable prices are actually slightly lower than they were before the outbreak.

These shelves holding instant noodles and canned food have been mostly emptied. Meanwhile, a long line of people wait at cash registers. Many people have rushed to hypermarkets as the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak expands to stock up on supplies. In Hsinchu City, people are panic buying instant noodles, rice, canned foods, and toilet paper.

There aren't any restocking issues, and the only product with a limited supply is toilet paper. Why is that? Manufacturers are taking longer to produce it, but as soon as they finish making it, they deliver it to stores.

Everyone should calm down and not panic. From the central government to the local government, we are actually in the midst of making a special effort to understand the supply of goods. You can see from the explanation of the hypermarket manager that you just heard that they made advance preparations.

Meanwhile, at traditional markets, the average price of vegetables is currently NT$17, which is one to two NT dollars less than the average before the COVID-19 outbreak. Shoppers said there is no need to panic buy instant noodles and it's better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
Canned foods and instant noodles are not healthy at all, and you don't need to stock up on canned foods and instant noodles.

Both the supply and prices at produce markets are very stable. The former is maintained at about 120 tons.

The Hsinchu City Government intends to meet with store vendors to formulate response measures in accordance with demand and ensure sufficient supplies of all commodities. It urges the public to refrain from panic buying and leave the goods for those who truly need them.


賣場業者VS. 新竹市長 林智堅:「補貨貨量都沒有問題,大概就只有衛生紙就比少。(衛生紙比較有問題是什麼原因?)就是廠商它的製作上面比較…它只要做完,就會馬上送來各店。」

新竹市長 林智堅表示:「請大家不要緊張,不要恐慌,因為從中央到地方,其實我們對於物資的掌握,其實都在特別了解當中。那我們剛剛,也可以從賣場經裡說明,可以看出來,他們也都做了一些準備。」



新竹果菜運銷公司經理 黃國勝表示:「其實果菜市場的供應量,跟價格是非常穩定的,都維持在120公噸。」