Changhua to Fine People Who Violate Patient Visit Ban|降低感染風險 彰縣:硬闖探病開罰1萬5千元

Some cities and counties have announced a ban on visiting hospital patients in general wards as a preventive measure against coronavirus. On March 13, Changhua County announced that violators will be fined NT$15,000.

At present, people visiting patients in hospitals not only need to wear masks and disinfect their hands, but also line up to register. On March 13, the Changhua County Government announced a ban on visits to patients in general wards. This ban will not affect patients in intensive care units or hospices, and doctors can grant permission for visits. If people insist on visiting patients despite the ban, they can be fined up to NT$15,000 under the Communicable Disease Control Act. This new measure has public support.

This is of course something good, because this is an unusual time and everyone needs to work together.

I think the government promoting video chats is OK for people absolutely needing to visit patients during this time.

Cities and counties began banning hospital visits after the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak expanded. Changhua County is the first to use penalties to deter people from violating the ban and creating disease prevention gaps. This measure can reduce the risk of cross-infection between medical personnel, patients, and the public.

Hospitals are a place to treat emergency and serious conditions, so we should make complete preparations in advance. That's why we made this announcement today. We hope people will follow the four regulations in the announcement when it comes to visiting patients.

Changhua County's Public Health Bureau says although there is a ban on visiting hospital patients, it will allow each patient to have an accompanying friend or family member. A real name registration system will be in place for them. This ban will not only reduce the risk of infection, but also alleviate the pressure on hospitals' disease prevention workers. The bureau advises the public to utilize video chats to check up on patients.





彰化縣衛生局副局長 尚筱菁表示:「其實醫院,它本來就是收治急重症的一個地方,那它的風險,其實我們應該在事先做好,一個完整的一個準備,所以我們才會在今天開始公告,希望探病的這個部分,能夠按照我們公告的,這個四項作為來配合。」