Australian Musician That Visited Taiwan Has COVID-19|確診澳籍音樂家在台演出 與團員合照曝光

An Australian musician who performed in Taiwan during 228 long weekend has tested positive for Coronavirus. Health officials are now tracing people who had contact with him, including other collaborating musicians, journalists at a pre-concert press conference, flight crew, and even the audience in the front rows.

A flight crew that came into contact with an Australian COVID-19 patient arrived back in Taiwan on the 6th. Centers for Disease Control workers immediately boarded the aircraft, and the three pilots and 10-plus flight attendants were cleared to disembark over an hour later. The Central Epidemic Command Center says the flight attendants that came into close contact with the patient must self-isolate at home for 14 days and all other members of the flight crew should keep a close watch on their health.

(The Australian musician) went into the seating area after intermission. We already know.

The Australian national, a musician, arrived in Taipei from London via Bangkok on Feb. 23. He developed a cough and runny nose on the 27th and sought medical treatment.

On the 26th, he attended a press conference and posed for group photos with the rest of the orchestra.

He performed twice at the National Theater and Concert Hall on the 28th and Mar. 1 before leaving Taiwan on Mar. 2. The Central Epidemic Command Center says the man was most likely infected outside of Taiwan but got sick while in Taiwan.

The musician is currently being treated. The center has already put together a list of the places the musician visited and the people he came into contact with. Those that came into close contact with him must self-isolate at home for 14 days and all others that had some contact with him should monitor their health for 14 days.


中央流行疫情指揮中心指揮官 陳時中 vs. 記者表示:「((澳洲籍音樂家)他在下半場的時候,他有進那個觀眾席?) 有,我們有掌握啦。」