One Person Dies in Suspected Arson Case|凌晨民宅遭丟汽油彈縱火 逃生不及釀1死

A number of perpetrators had set a two-story residence in Kaohsiung's Linyuan District on fire using gasoline bombs. Sadly, the homeowner's son and daughter were on the second floor. The son managed to jumped down, but the daughter was sleeping at the time and perished in the fire.

It was drizzling at 3 a.m. on March 5, and fire trucks were rushing to the scene of a fire in Kaohsiung's Linyuan District. A two-story residence was on fire, and thick smoke was pouring out of the second floor. Firefighters immediately turned on their hoses.

My daughter!

The fire was extinguished after five minutes. The homeowner's face was blackened by the smoke, while his wife sobbed quietly. Their 48-year-old daughter was sleeping on the second floor at the time of the fire, and perished in the fire.

There was a loud noise, and I wondered what it could be. I thought it was someone coming to see me in the middle of the night.

It is believed perpetrators threw gasoline bombs onto the second floor rear balcony. The fire spread quickly. The homeowner and his wife, who lived on the first floor, were able to escape in time. Their son, who was on the second floor, jumped down from the balcony and suffered a foot injury and was sent to a hospital. The homeowner said the family previously got into a dispute with a relative and they even ended up in court. He believes this person could have thrown the gasoline bombs.

We're not excluding the possibility of arson in the preliminary investigation. In the victim's statement, he identified a person, a relative, with whom the family is currently entangled in a lawsuit. We are currently locating this suspect.

All four of the inhabitants were sleeping when the fire started. The fire killed one and injured another. The police are considering the possibility of arson, and investigating whether this incident is related to a dispute between the family and a relative.






林園偵查隊長 蔡信助表示:「初步不排除是為縱火的可能,不過依據被害人的指述,他已經指述有一名可能跟他有,目前有發生訴訟糾紛的,一名親戚友人,涉有重嫌,目前為止我們有針對這個嫌犯,正積極追緝當中。」