NCKU Taking Medical Surveys, Implements Access Controls|校園防疫 成大醫學生量體溫.填疫調表

On the first day of the new semester, all National Cheng Kung University departments activated access card entry. As the university's College of Medicine is located near its hospital, disease prevention measures are even stricter there. The entire building now has only one entrance and everyone entering has to have their temperatures taken and fill out a disease survey.

National Cheng Kung University students swipe their student ID cards and then fill out a survey with questions about their medical and travel history. Finally, they have their temperature taken. Only then are they allowed to enter campus.

It's stricter now. (Is it inconvenient?) No. We should comply. Safety comes first.

Students entering classrooms find desks have been moved farther apart. Both teachers and students are also asked to sign in online. Teachers have also been asked to take photos during class so that contact histories can be traced if someone is infected.

Once the students have found their seats, we take a picture. This isn't to take attendance, but rather to make it easier to trace (contact history) if there is an outbreak.

Taichung's National Chung Hsing University, meanwhile, has set up staffed health stations in all 38 of its buildings and dormitories. All of them now only have one entry point.

I'm not scared, because everyone is nervous and taking extra precautions as a result.

This week, the school is in the process of purchasing six infrared thermometer sensors. These will be placed at the busiest locations on campus and replace manual temperature-taking in each building.

This has been the longest winter vacation in history due to COVID-19, and schools are proactively implementing precautionary measures to minimize infection risk.


成大醫學院學生表示:「現在比較嚴格一點。(會不方便?) 不會,我覺得要配合,安全最重要。」


成大醫學院院長 沈延盛表示:「坐定位後,我們會照相,照相之後確定位置, 這個照相不是為了點名,是為了萬一未來有疫情時候,疫調比較容易執行。」



中興大學學務長 謝禮丞表示:「學校這個禮拜,正在採購紅外線的熱像儀, 會在學生出入最頻繁的,六個角落來做,就不用各大樓來做。」