Travel Warnings Raised for South Korea|南韓旅遊三級警告 到3月下旬已退團8成

The travel advisory has been raised to Level 3, meaning that travelers should avoid all nonessential travel to South Korea.

Many airlines at the Taoyuan International Airport have canceled flights destined for South Korea. There is a sharp decrease in tourists going to South Korea due to the COVID-19 outbreak, except for the ones who need to go for work or for school. About 80% of group travelers have canceled their trip as the travel advisory for South Korea has been raised to Level 3.

On the 24th, we began to assist customers to cancel their trip to South Korea in mid-March. When the travel advisory for South Korea was raised to Level 3 on the afternoon of Feb. 24, we continued to inform those who plan to travel at the end of March.

According to statistics done by the Tourism Bureau, there are about 17 tour groups, a total of 266 people currently in South Korea. The Bureau has asked the travel agency to inform the tourists that they need to monitor their own health if they come back after Feb. 25, and that home quarantine is required if they come back after Feb. 27.
Therefore most of the agencies are assisting their customers to come back before the 27th. The Travel Quality Assurance Association called on the government to assist with disputes resulted from the canceled trips.

The airlines and hotels aboard don't always change their refund policy as the COVID-19 epidemic soars. Therefore payment disputes will surpass at least NT$10 billion.

As the COVID-19 surges continue in Japan, China and South Korea, the Travel Quality Assurance Association's statistics have suggested that the travel industry could face more than tens of billion dollars in refund costs in the future.


旅行社經理 廖宇宸表示:「24號上班的時候,其實我們就已經協助三月中旬以前的消費者,前往韓國的都有做取消了,所以到24號下午的時候,警示升級的狀況之下,我們其實陸陸續續還是通知,三月底以前出發的旅客。」


品保協會發言人 李奇嶽表示:「機票或者是國外旅館,這些他們並沒有因為說,有疫情的升級,他的退改票,退訂的規定有改變,款項的一些爭議上面,金額至少超過新台幣一百億以上。」


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