Close to 40 Percent of Workers Looking for New Jobs|調查:肺炎疫情衝擊 近4成上班族有轉職計畫

M. Chuang
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COVID-19's impact on domestic demand are also affecting job seeker's choices. According to a survey, close to 40 percent of workers are planning to change jobs, while many people who are working in China are looking for transfers back to Taiwan or a new job altogether. Domestically, the tourism and food and beverage industries are the most affected.

Hello and welcome to the Taipei Lantern Festival.

The number of translators at this festival was cut in half due to tour groups cancelling trips to Taiwan. The Taipei International Book Exhibition and other major events have also been canceled. Translators are finding it hard to make ends meet this month.

The Taipei International Book Exhibition has been postponed so that bit of income is gone. I might only be able to earn a few thousand NT dollars here and there (this month).
Beverage franchise Sharetea has also seen customer numbers fall by over 20 percent and is dependent on deliveries for revenues. Fortunately, overseas revenues haven't been impacted much.

Customer numbers have fallen by 30 percent, which is a lot. Our focus right now is deliveries. The epidemic, including the postponement of the new semester, has resulted in delivery orders plummeting.

According to a recent job bank survey, the hardest-hit industries are tourism and food and beverage, with many companies announcing unpaid leave in March and April. In addition, 40 percent of workers are looking for new jobs and 15 percent of employers have implemented a hiring freeze or postponing start dates for new hires.

(Some people) that had already been hired or even had a firm start date have been notified that their start date has been pushed back due to the epidemic. Others that are applying for jobs have had scheduled interviews postponed indefinitely. This shows most companies have a hiring freeze in effect right now.

The ban on tour groups from Hong Kong and Macau has also been extended from the end of March to the end of April, while the ban on domestic travel agencies organizing trips to Hong Kong and Macau remains in effect.



接案族 黃小姐表示:「台北國際書展,那因為整個是延期,所以那一筆收入,面前就是沒有的狀態,就是可能只有幾千塊這樣子,就是(收入)很零星。」


聯發國際餐飲事業發言人 侯升偉表示:「來客數就已經掉了三成,很大的一部分,重心放在外送的部分,那這一次的疫情,包含這個延後開學的問題


人力銀行業者 李大華表示:「已經找到工作了,甚至有報到時間,但是因為疫情還沒有終了的時候,所以也被告知說,暫時先不用報到,甚至有些投遞履歷,拿到面試通知,也被告知暫時不用來面試,這些都表示說,目前他們在廠商徵才的情況底下,是一個凍結的情形。」