Problems Emerge with Epidemic Prevention Measures|女子上海返台 1922建議戴口罩搭火車回家

Hualien authorities recently received a complaint involving a resident whose sister recently returned to Taiwan from Shanghai. As no one from her family was available to pick her up, she intended to take a flight home to Hualien, but was forbidden to do so by authorities after she called the 1922 Centers for Disease Control hotline and contacted Hualien County's Health Bureau. In the end, she rode the train home while wearing a face mask. The woman's brother complained that a comprehensive set of measures is lacking.

People who return to Taiwan from China have encountered trouble getting to their residences. Recently, a Hualien resident filed a complaint. He said his sister returned to Taiwan from Shanghai on Feb. 13. Their family in Hualien wasn't able to send anyone to pick her up at Taoyuan International Airport, so she had to call the 1922 Centers for Disease Control hotline. She was told to return home via train while wearing a face mask. This action caused anxiety among other passengers.

It's unreasonable, completely unreasonable. It's too dangerous.

It will become a big problem if we can't even take public transport. We should find a place to isolate her in Taipei.

According to coronavirus disease 2019 prevention regulations, all travelers arriving from China must complete a 14-day quarantine at home. They are also not allowed to take public transport, which is causing problems.

They are not allowed to use public transport as a principle, and family members should come get them when possible. If family members are unable to do so, then they should wear surgical masks during the entire journey on public transport.

Hualien County's Health Bureau said the woman in question took the initiative to contact health authorities, and follow-up tests showed no fever. She has entirely complied with regulations, so there is no need for the public to panic.





花蓮衛生局副局長 鍾寶珠表示:「採不搭乘交通運輸工具為原則,那儘量由家人來接送,那如果沒有辦法由家人來接送,我們搭乘大眾交通運輸工具的時候,應該要全程配戴我們的外科口罩。」