Chinese Factories Suspend Work Indefinitely|武漢肺炎影響 不少中國台商延後復工

Many Taiwanese businesspersons and factory executives working in China will not resume work until the end of February. However, work will still resume on schedule at plants in areas that are less affected.

We were supposed to go back to Feb. 10, but in light of the outbreak situation the company decided to postpone the resumption of work until Feb. 25.

Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, this executive at a semiconductor plant in China has been on vacation since returning to Taiwan for Chinese New Year. The plant will not reopen until the end of the month at the earliest. Some Taiwanese businesspersons in China say they have no choice but to suspend operations due to local governments implementing "closed-off management" measures.

Companies now need approval and to pass inspections before they can resume work. The inspections cover many areas, including whether you have an adequate supply of masks and whether your dining room is spacious enough.

Work resumed in less-affected areas on the 10th, including Yageo's Suzhou and Dongguan plants, TSMC's Nanjing plant, and Hon Hai's Zhengzhou plant. No decision has been made in Shenzhen yet. At least 80 Taiwan-owned plants have announced the suspension of operations.

TSMF's wafer plants on the Mainland are in compliance with the Chinese government's disease prevention regulations and resumed work as scheduled today. We will also continue to prioritize disease prevention and safety while keeping a close eye on future developments.

The electronics industry may be facing a crisis with the supply-chain interruption, and Taiwan's GDP growth rate may be affected as well. One analyst says the industry simply needs to relocate operations elsewhere to lower the impact. Citing the panel industry in particular, the analyst says this could have an order-transfer effect and revenues could buck the trend.

The panel industry was in the red in 2018 and 2019. Due to the effect of output in China, we could see this turning around in the second quarter. There are sporting events about to start, so demand will spike and (the impact of) order transfers will be more obvious.

The Industrial Development Bureau, which is keeping an eye on the situation in China and the impact on Taiwan-owned plants, says it is aggregating data and will complete a report sometime this week at the earliest.

半導體業者台籍幹部 陳勝偉表示:「本來是2月10號復工,疫情的關係,公司評估後,是延至2月25號復工。」


前台企聯發言人 葉惠德表示:「他現在復工必須要經過申請,要經過檢查合格啦!那檢查的項目很多啦!包括你有沒有足夠的口罩啦!包括你吃飯的地方,是不是寬敞等等啦!」


台積電發言人 高孟華表示:「台積電大陸晶圓廠的部分,都按照原定計畫,配合中國政府防疫的法規,於今日復工,我們也會繼續以防疫安全為優先考量,持續密切關注接下來的發展。」


台經院資深產業分析師 曾俊洲表示:「面板業2018.2019年是虧損的情況,因為中國產能受到影響的情況下,第二季就有可能止虧為盈的情況,運動賽事即將舉辦,所以他們需求又是比較急迫,轉單反而會比較明顯。」