Wuhan Pneumonia Epidemic Spreads Interprovincially, 4 Confirmed Dead|武漢肺炎擴散至京滬浙粵 已4例死亡

The Wuhan pneumonia outbreak has spread to more Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai as well as three Asian countries.On the morning of Jan. 21, another infected patient died, pushing the death toll to four. China's National Health Commission has confirmed 219 cases in China with 15 medical workers infected.

The Wuhan novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is now spreading to provinces outside of Wuhan, including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong. There are 198 confirmed cases just in Wuhan alone, while the authorities announced another death on Jan. 21 to push the total death poll to four. China's SARS expert Zhong Nanshan said there is definitely human-to-human transmission, as there are 15 medical workers in Wuhan that has been infected, One of which, are in a serious condition.

As for infectiousness... As currently there are already human-to-human transmissions, while some medical staff have already been infected, so we really need to be careful.

In the wake of this epidemic, Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has established a central command center and increased the scope of travelers that need to be reported. Previously, only travelers from Wuhan that showed signs of pneumonia need to be reported. Now, all travelers from anywhere in China need to be reported if any signs of pneumonia are present. Furthermore, educational pamphlets are being handed out to visitors traveling from China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Previously, there were some cases that weren't confirmed or discovered, but later they employed more sensitive tests.

Hong Kong, which is nearby China, is also on high alert.
If the first case of the novel coronavirus really appears in Hong Kong, our department of health will deploy emergency response systems to deal with the case. If necessary, we can allocate designated locations among our seven medical networks to spread the load of patients with fever within 48 hours.

As the Wuhan pneumonia has spread to Japan, Thailand and South Korea, the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China declared the novel coronavirus as an infectious disease and have undertaken the relative prevention and control measures. The World Health Organization meanwhile announced that it will convene an emergency meeting to assess whether the outbreak constitutes an international health emergency. This would be a rare move which normally is only reserved for very severe cases.




台大醫院小兒部副教授 李秉穎 (1.20)表示:「它以前有一些病例,並沒有在先前就診斷出來,因為他們後期用了一個,更敏感的檢驗方法。」


香港政務司長 張建宗表示:「如果香港真的發現,首宗新型冠狀病毒個案的話,我們衛生處,會以緊急應變計畫來面對,在需要的時候,我們可以在48小時內,在七個醫療網,可以劃出指定的場所,分流這些發燒的病人。」