Stop Asking Me Questions About Han: Ko Wen-je|韓勤跑市政欲緩解罷免壓力? 柯:別問我

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je and a Taipei City Government delegation are continuing their tour of Europe. With regards to Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu visiting fish markets before the Chinese New Year holiday to see how production and sales are going and whether that could ease an impeachment motion against him, Ko said everyone should stop asking him questions about Han. He then changed the topic to how wonderful his policy of Taipei City Government personnel starting the workday at 7:30 a.m. is. As for Myanmar's recent statement reiterating its support of the one-China principle and belief that Taiwan is an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China's territory, Ko said Taiwan does not need to identify itself using other people's definitions.

During his tour of Europe, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je has been taking in the sites but also spending a lot of time giving the media his take on current events. Asked about Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu's recent visit to a fish market, Ko shrugged it off as something Han should be doing anyway and started talking about his policy of holding daily office meetings at 7:30 a.m.

Stop asking me questions about Han Kuo-yu. But it's like this: In general, every mayor or magistrate probably visits wholesale markets before Chinese New Year. So honestly speaking, if I just start the day half an hour earlier, I can save at least 15 minutes every day from the time wasted (sitting in traffic). So, that's why I discovered that 7:30 meetings are pretty good.

Ko's wife recently criticized the Democratic Progressive Party for only talking about "Taiwan's impending doom" and not doing anything to protect people's livelihoods. Ko denied this was her paving the way for a presidential run by him in 2024.

He was then asked about Myanmar's recent statement reaffirming its commitment to the one-China principle. Ko said Taiwan can set its own identity.

I'm guessing Myanmar would say this because it recently took aid or loans from China. Taiwan's identity doesn't need to be based on other people's definitions. So, we can define for ourselves who we are. Strengthening national power has always been the most basic condition for a country seeking to exist in the international community.

Five lawmakers from Ko's Taiwan People's Party will enter the legislature in February. The party is looking for caucus assistants and has been criticized for offering a monthly salary of just NT$35,000. Ko says he hopes to raise the salary by hiring as few assistants as possible.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「韓國瑜的事,拜託不要問我,不過是這樣啦,一般大概每個縣市首長,在過年前,都會去視察批發市場。所以老實講,我只要早半個鐘頭,每天可以省下至少15分鐘,在馬路上浪費(塞車)的時間,所以後來發現七點半開會還不錯。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我猜緬甸會講這個,應該是它最近是有拿中國的援助,或是有去貸款。台灣是誰,不需要別人來定義它,所以還是只有我們自己,可以定義我們是誰,厚植國力,本來就是任何一個國家,在國際上求生存,最基本的條件。」