We are an Independent Country Already: President Tsai|總統:台灣已是獨立國家 叫"中華民國台灣"

President Tsai Ing-wen has secured a second term after winning a landslide victory in the 2020 Presidential Elections. She told BBC that Taiwan is already an independent country, called Republic of China, Taiwan and that China needs to "face reality" and show the island "respect". On Jan. 15, she also made her first public address since the election.

Re-elected, President Tsai In-wen made her first public address in the Presidential Office since her landslide victory on Jan. 15. In her address, she mentioned that she is keeping Premier Su Tseng-chang onboard to maintain the stability of the political environment. She also said that she had signed the Anti-Infiltration Act and reiterated that the Act will not discourage cross-strait interactions.

The criteria are very strict. As long as the action is not directed, commissioned or sponsored by the Chinese government, all other interactions are considered normal and will not by impacted. Should the public still have doubts, I have already asked the Executive Yuan to do three things. The first thing is that I have asked the related departments in the Executive Yuan to continue to promote and educate, as to prevent the public from unnecessary panic that may originate from their misunderstanding of this Act.

To maintain national security, Tsai is dedicated to push forward the Anti-Infiltration Act. How cross-strait relationships will be impacted has since then been placed under the spot light. In an exclusive interview with the BBC, Tsai said that China needs to "face reality" and respect the will of Taiwanese people. She also said that she is open to dialogue, but there won't be any room for negotiation on Taiwan's sovereignty.

We deserve respect from China. We don't have a need to declare ourselves an independent state because we are an independent country already and we call ourselves Republic of China Taiwan and we do have (a) government, and we have the military and we have elections.

Tsai mentioned that in the past three years, China has been intensifying its threat to Taiwan. Additionally, with what happened in Hong Kong, the situation has made everyone become aware that the threat from China is very real. She has tried to avoid provoking China, but a military invasion from China cannot be ruled out entirely.

You cannot exclude the possibility of a war at any time but the thing is you have to get yourself prepared. Invading Taiwan is something that is going to be very costly for China.

As for how cross-strait relations will change after the elections, Tsai gave a mantra of "peace, parity, democracy and dialogue". When asked on how to realize these principles, Tsai said that she hopes that China can understand Taiwanese people's beliefs and opinions better after this election, and that they can re-evaluate their policies.


總統 蔡英文表示:「構成要件是非常的嚴謹,只要不是受到中國政府的指示、委託或者資助,都屬於正常交流,不會受到影響。民眾如果還有疑慮,我已經要求行政院要做三件事情,第一件事情,我請行政院相關部會持續的宣導,避免民眾因為不了解本法的內容,產生不必要的恐慌。」


總統 蔡英文 (翻攝自BBC網站)表示:「我們值得中國尊重。我們不需要宣布自己是一個獨立國家,我們已經是一個獨立的國家,我們叫做中華民國台灣,我們有自己的政府、軍隊和選舉。」


總統 蔡英文 (翻攝自BBC網站)表示:「任何時候都無法完全杜絕戰爭發生的可能,問題是你必須做好準備,對中國來說, 入侵台灣的代價將非常巨大。」