Han Immerses Self in Municipal Duties|韓國瑜銷假上班 澄清補助款由國民黨領取

Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu presided over his first municipal administration meeting since returning to municipal duties on Jan. 13. Prior to the meeting, he clarified that the election subsidies handed out for the votes he received in the presidential election were all given to the Kuomintang.

Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu presided over his first municipal administration meeting on Jan. 14 after a nearly three-month leave of absence to run for president. He handed out awards to excellent municipal employees and volunteer firefighters. Prior to the meeting, the mayor was asked about the five million votes he received in the 2020 presidential election, which entitles him to NT$16 million in election subsidies. He clarified that he didn't receive a single NT dollar.

Every single NT dollar of the election subsidies belongs to the Kuomintang. They cannot be given to individuals. They cannot be given to individuals. Does everyone understand that? This is because it is the political party that nominates the presidential and vice presidential candidates. After the election, all of the subsidies for the received votes are given to the Kuomintang. We don't receive a single NT dollar.

In a Facebook post, Han said that even if he received any subsidies, he would donate the entire sum. He also said he will provide details shortly on how the donations he received during his campaign were used as required by law. There are calls within the Kuomintang for reform after its performance in the 2020 elections. Han said on Jan. 13 that he has no plans to run for party chairperson, and declined to comment when asked about the KMT's future. He received less than 35 percent of votes in Kaohsiung. Local elections will take place in two years' time, and KMT city councilors say they hope the Central Standing Committee can be overhauled.

I believe we should have new Central Standing Committee members and a new party chief, and they can conduct a comprehensive review, including reviews of the party name and some internal party systems. I believe this is more comprehensive.

KMT Kaohsiung City Councilor Huang Shao-ting added the average age of party leaders is 60 years old, compared to 40-some for the Democratic Progressive Party, and therefore the aged party machinery should be adjusted. He also advised Han to quickly reestablish close relations with city residents.


高雄市長 韓國瑜表示:「所有的補助款,通通是國民黨中央黨部的,個人不能領,個人不能領,大家了解嗎?因為是政黨推薦總統副總統候選人,所以選舉之後所有得的選票補助,全部被國民黨中央黨部領走,我們一塊錢都沒有。」


國民黨高雄市議員 黃紹庭表示:「中常委,我覺得是否在這個時候,要全面改選,我覺得新產生的中常委以及黨主席,來做全面性的檢討,包括黨名,包括其中黨內的一些制度,我覺得這是比較全面性的。」


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