Minority Political Parties Step Up Campaigning|小黨催票 時力王婉諭邀各行各業站台

Political parties have stepped up their campaigning efforts with just a few days before the legislative elections, hoping to secure youth votes. New Power Party legislator-at-large nominee Claire Wang invited industry representatives to share a stage at a rally with her, saying the legislature needs a gentler and more resolute strength, not just fighting between blue and green. Meanwhile, the Taiwan Citizen Front held a press conference to offer its suggestions on who to select for the political party ballot.

Taiwan is set to hold elections on Jan. 11. Small political parties have the chance to enter the legislature through the political party ballot, and they have stepped up their campaigning efforts in the last few days before the elections. New Power Party legislator-at-large nominee Claire Wang invited industry representatives to share a stage at a rally with her, including singers, flight attendants, educators, medical personnel, and media workers. She expressed her desire to contribute the gentle and resolute strength of mothers to the legislature to counter the fighting between blue and green and strengthen the social safety net.

Only a legislative representative can achieve the thing we call parent and child justice.

Claire is probably the first or second best person I know. She is someone who can maintain her faith even during times of great pressure.

We hope that everyone can join me in continuing to be courageous in the future and illuminate Taiwan's future. Thank you everyone.

There are 19 political parties vying for the political party vote, and the competition is intense. The Taiwan Citizen Front therefore organized a press conference to propose a voting strategy. It said voters should refrain from voting for the Kuomintang out of the large political parties and for the Taiwan People's Party out of the small political parties. It also said the road for the third force lies in a pluralistic and open party system.

The main reason why such a press conference is being held two days before an election is because we previously proposed the "No. 7 platform" that asked for and encouraged the establishment of local political parties with the aim of having half of county and city councils made up of at-large representatives. Local government subsidies can be calculated based on the proportion of county and city council political party votes received. There should also be district autonomy for special municipalities.

Many political parties are hoping to secure youth votes. The Democratic Progressive Party held a press conference on Jan. 9 where it said 3.14 is not only pi, but also the number required to uphold democracy, as President Tsai Ing-wen's presidential candidate number is three and the DPP's political party candidate number is 14. Political parties are racing to the finish line, hoping to get the best results possible.


前台北市都發局長 林洲民表示:「只有從一個國會代表的立場,才可以做一件,那個叫做"親子正義"。」

小燈泡案辯護律師 陳孟秀表示:「婉諭應該是我認識的人裡面,數一數二,在承受壓力,巨大的壓力的時候,還能夠堅定信念的人。」

時代力量不分區立委候選人 王婉諭表示:「我們也希望未來能夠,大家跟我一起持續地勇敢,照亮台灣的未來。」


台灣公民陣線副秘書長 莊程洋表示:「會在選前兩天,去開這樣的一個記者會,主要也是因為我們之前,提了"第七號政綱",訴求就是開放並鼓勵地方政黨的成立,搭配縣市議會半數,採取(政)黨比例代表,地方政府補助金,依縣市議會政黨票計算,直轄市實施區自治。」