TPP Looking to Become Third Biggest Political Party|民眾黨志在國會 柯文哲坦言保5有難度

The Taiwan People's Party(TPP) chair Ko Wen-je admitted during an interview that it might be difficult for the party to contain five seats in the legislature this election. He was also asked whether he will appear with former Foxconn CEO Terry Gou the night before the election, both Ko and Gou said they'll leave the matter for their campaign strategists.

Members of the Taiwan People's Party (TPP) are working hard to solicit votes in hopes to gain the third most seats in the Legislative Yuan. However, the outlook is not very optimistic for them. During a recent interview, the party's chairperson and Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said that he has adjusted his target from gaining ten-plus seats in the legislature to gaining five. And he said even the new target presents much challenges. Ko's comment has led many to believe that he's pleading for more support.

I am not making a plea for more support. All we need to do is to follow through with our plan in a smooth and calm manner. Are you thinking that us having two more seats will bring seismic shift to Taiwan? No, that won't happen. I'm simply saying that it would be a bit more difficult to have a say if we have fewer seats (in the Legislative Yuan).

Ko says that his party adopts a weak party system, and that it operates in an autonomous manner. Despite the rumors that some in the TPP are not happy with the prospect of collaborating with former Foxconn CEO Terry Gou as Gou also collaborates with another minority People First Party (PFP), Ko says that he is still open about the idea.

The Taiwan People's Party is an autonomous political party. We have our own path and our own approaches. If someone from outside the part is willing to give a helping hand, that's certainly considered an addition. Just like in like, we should bring in as much help as possible.

When asked about whether he will co-attend the event with TPP Chair Ko Wen-je, former Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said that both have left the matter to their campaign strategists. Gou also addressed the rumors that some in the TPP are against working with him, saying that he and TPP Chair Ko has a very open and direct communication channel.

Who do you think I should listen to, Ko Wen-je himself or the rumors about the so-called voices from his party? I don't know what those voices represent, but my communication channel with Ko has been very open and direct. I don't have any of the rumored communication problems with Ko.

Terry Gou had just concluded a street canvassing event with members of the TPP. On January 9, he wore a vest of PFP in the event that showed support for PFP legislator candidate Lee Cheng-hao. Gou helped shave Lee's head during the event and wrote encouraging words on his back. Gou's moves have shown his ambition to gain a presence for his own party at the Legislative Yuan in 2020.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我們也不用打告急牌,一樣穩紮穩打,心平氣和,這樣就好。難道你幻想說我們多了兩席,然後台灣社會就會巨大改變嗎?也不會,只是說,少兩席辛苦一點,這樣而已。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「台灣民眾黨,做一個獨立自主的政黨,我們有自己的路線,自己的方法,對不對!如果人家有額外要來幫忙,那就算多的,所以人生要把它變成一個加法的人生。」


鴻海集團創辦人 郭台銘表示:「你們認為是應該是聽柯市長,還是聽內部的,內部代表什麼我不了解,但是我們的溝通的管道,都是跟柯市長及蔡壁如,溝通的管道是暢通無阻,我想絕對沒有外界傳的這些問題。」