Dozens of Drivers Fined for Speeding on Reopened Suhua Highway|蘇花改通車不到一天 違規超速已61罰單

The improved Suhua Highway has reopened in full, but within 24 hours there were many speeding violations reported with 61 fines issued on the Yilan section alone. One of the drivers was speeding at 97 kilometers per hour. Police say only fixed speed camera systems are currently in use and interval cameras will be added once the advisory period expires.

All sections of the newly reconstructed Suhua Highway reopened on the 6th. Dozens of speeding violations were reported in less than 24 hours, including 61 on the Yilan section alone.

I actually wasn't paying attention (to my speedometer). I was just going with the flow of traffic.

The speed limit signs are clear: 60, 60 and 60. The speed limit is 60 kilometers (per hour).

(The drivers that were fined) were both local and from other municipalities. One driver was found to be driving at 97 kilometers (per hour) while traveling south in Gufeng Tunnel at 4:43 a.m. today.

The Yilan County Police Bureau says five of the 61 violations occurred in Dongao Tunnel. In addition, 30 and 26 violations respectively were reported in Nanao's Guanyin Tunnel and Heping's Gufeng Tunnel, which are connected.

Guanyin and Gufeng are actually two separate tunnels, but we generally regard them as one 12.6-kilometer tunnel because they are connected. Because they are connected, motorists that aren't paying attention may inadvertently go over the speed limit.

The police say there are currently 10 fixed speed cameras on the highway and four interval cameras will be added to catch motorists driving over 70 kilometers per hour. The Suhua Highway Improvement Project Operation Control Center, meanwhile, says safety comes first but the speed limit may be raised to counter any future severe congestion.




宜蘭縣警察局交通警察隊組長 黃昶融表示:「限速是60公里,(違規民眾)本縣、外縣市都有,那最高的那個速度啊,是出現在今天的凌晨四點四十三分,在谷風隧道的南下路段是97公里。」


四工處蘇花改行控中心主任 陳國正表示:「觀音、谷風其實這兩個隧道,其實是連在一起的,所以我們一般是以這樣子,12.6公里的長隧道在看,那距離比較遠,可能就是一般用路人,開一開就會超過(速限)了。」