Possibly Election-Related Assault Reported in Yunlin|雲林疑傳選舉暴力 反對掛布條爆肢體衝突

On the evening of Jan. 7, a violent election-related altercation was reported in Yunlin County's Baozhong Township. The head of DPP legislative candidate Su Chih-fen's support group in Baozhong, a man surnamed Chang, got into a fight with someone hanging an anti-gay marriage banner. Both parties were injured. Although they both say they are willing to make peace, the Huwei Precinct of the Yunlin County Police Bureau says it is going over the evidence and the case will be sent to the Yunlin District Prosecutors Office for further processing.

This man, Mr. Chang, is the head of Democratic Progressive Party legislative candidate Su Chih-fen's support group in Yunlin's Baozhong Township. On the 7th, he found an anti-gay marriage banner near his field. He got into a fight with the people that hung the banner and had to call a friend to take him to the hospital.

(Where are you hurt?) My torso, thighs and head. When I fell on the ground, they kept kicking me.

Chang held a press conference at Su's Huwei campaign office to condemn violence. Yunlin County councilor candidate Tsai Ming-shui, who was involved in the hanging of the banner, says this was a difference of opinion rather than election-related violence and it would be very irresponsible to deliberately sensationalize what happened.

This was a case of a difference of opinion. I only stated my opinion, which is that I don't agree with same-sex marriage. That's all that happened. It had nothing to do with election or violence.

Based on what we know so far, it was just a difference in opinion. We don't believe this was election-related. The two parties, as civilians, had a difference in opinion over a policy.

The police say both parties only sustained mild injuries and are willing to put the past behind them. However, an investigation has been opened and the case will be sent to the Yunlin District Prosecutors Office for further processing.


當事人 張先生表示:「(你哪裡受傷?) 肚子啦!大腿啦!頭啦!就將我打倒,一直踹我。」


雲林縣議員 蔡明水表示:「是因為理念的問題,我是認為大家理念,有差距不一樣,我只是提出我訴求,同性結婚我就不認同,只有這樣這跟選舉,跟暴力一點關係都沒有。」

虎尾警分局長 郝心誠表示:「我們初步認為,這只是理念上不同,初步是排除是有卡到選舉暴力,可能就是選舉政策,大概兩邊的人都是一般民眾身分,大概是理念上不同。」