Black Hawk Accidents Not Uncommon in Taiwan|黑鷹直升機隊 負責空中突擊.運補.救援

C. Chuang
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The UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter involved in the accident on Jan. 2 was commissioned by the Army in October 2019, and responsible for aerial attacks, transportation, and battlefield assistance. This wasn't the first accident involving a Black Hawk helicopter in Taiwan. In February 2018, one crashed in the waters off of Orchid Island. The bodies of two of the six people on board were recovered, and the four others have not been found.

Army soldiers board a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter. On Oct. 30, 2019, the Army commissioned Black Hawk helicopters in Taichung. Just two months later, on Jan. 2, it was reported that one of the helicopters had force landed in New Taipei City's mountainous Wulai District. There were 13 passengers on board, including Chief of the General Staff Shen Yi-ming. Military experts say Black Hawk helicopters are widely used around the world and have received positive evaluations.

It is used extensively for purposes including the transport of troops and supplies. It is also used for search and rescue, and some are even modified for special warfare assaults. Militaries around the world have affirmed this model's overall reliability and performance.

The military procured 60 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from the United States in 2008. Thirty were distributed to the Army, 15 to the Air Force, and 15 to the National Airborne Service Corps. In February 2018, a Black Hawk helicopter operated by the NASC and transporting a patient from Orchid Island crashed into the sea, killing all six on board. In January 2016, a Black Hawk helicopter taking part in a training drill made a forced landing in the middle of Taichung after an alarm signal went off. Military experts said the cause of the latest accident is still under investigation.

That helicopter belonged to the National Airborne Service Corps. The one this time belonged to the military. Even though it's said that the helicopters belong to the NASC, they were on loan from the military. The main point is that the pilots are different.

The investigate report for the Orchid Island accident noted that the cause was related to the insufficient training of NASC personnel. Military experts say it is necessary to look at the flight safety report of every accident to analyze the reason.


亞太防務雜誌總編輯 鄭繼文表示:「它(黑鷹)這個用途比較廣泛,包括像運兵運送物資,還有像搜救,甚至有一些經過特別改裝以後,它還可以進行特戰突擊,這個型的直升機,它的綜合可靠性,性能來講,還是比較受到各國軍方的肯定和重視。」


全球防衛雜誌資深編輯 宋玉寧表示:「那一架直升機是空勤總隊的,這一次的是軍方的直升機,這個雖然說空勤總隊的直升機,也是由軍方借給他們的,可是問題是你操作的人員不同,這個又不一樣了。」