Biz Community, Pan-blue Camp Blast Anti-Infiltration Bill|反滲透法 藍稱未充分討論 新黨批戒嚴復辟

The anti-infiltration bill is the focus of the current legislative session. The Kuomintang legislative caucus says there has not been enough discussion on the bill and questions why the Executive Yuan has not drafted a version of the bill. The New Party, meanwhile, declared the bill the Democratic Progressive Party's way of restoring martial law. The New Party caucus there is no time left and it will convene a pan-blue demonstration. In response, the DPP says the bill is a mechanism for supplementing democratic defense and will not destroy on freedom of speech in Taiwan.

President Tsai Ing-wen ordered Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers to pass an "anti-infiltration" draft bill before the end of the year. The bill has seen heavy opposition from the Taiwanese business community and pan-blue camp. On the 27th, the DPP caucus held a press conference to say the bill is a mechanism for supplementing "defense of democracy" and would not destroy freedom of speech in Taiwan.

This is a bill that completely complies with legitimate legal procedures. There is no government abuse here. We cannot wait any longer because the infiltration has been going on for a long time already. It's already very severe.

The DPP maintains that the precondition for punishment under the bill is taking orders from "overseas hostile forces" or commissioning funding. In addition, it will only be invoked for actions like illegal political contributions; campaigning for a designated candidate; lobbying; and hindering congregations, rallies, elections and voting. However, many Taiwanese businesspersons say the cost of doing business in China is setting up Communist Party branches there. The DPP caucus says the definition of "source of infiltration" in the bill may be slightly altered to make the scope of application smaller. The Kuomintang caucus, meanwhile, says the bill is a huge violation of procedural justice and questions why the Executive Yuan has not put forth its own version of the bill. In addition, the DPP has avoided discussion of the bill by not holding any public hearings at the committee level.

Why hasn't the Executive Yuan submitted its own version? Why hasn't the Internal Administration Committee held and public hearings?

I hope all of the people that (oppose) this bill and all that people that should take part can make their presence felt outside the Legislative Yuan. What I mean by people who should take part is anyone with any bit of conscience.

The New Party, meanwhile, says the anti-infiltration bill is simply the restoration of martial law in shiny new packaging. The party is organizing a demonstration against the bill. The Mainland Affairs Council also discussed the bill, saying there will be other laws addressing freedom of the press and freedom of speech rolled out to stop the "red infiltration" of the media.

Another nuclear issue is freedom of the press and freedom of speech. This is why we chose the smallest possible scope to work with this time.

Will the anti-infiltration bill pass? Only time will tell.


民進黨團幹事長 管碧玲表示:「完全是在正當法律程序之下,不可能有政府濫權的法案,真的是不能再等了,因為滲透很久了,滲透很嚴重了。」


國民黨團總召 曾銘宗表示:「為什麼行政院沒有版本,為什麼不到內政委員會去,多辦幾場公聽會。」

新黨不分區被提名人 邱毅表示:「我希望在立法院前面,能夠見到所有該出現(反對)的人,什麼叫做所有該出現的人,就是每一個還有一點點良心的人。」


陸委會發言人 邱垂正表示:「畢竟它涉及到另外一個核心問題,就是新聞自由跟言論自由,所以這次我們選擇最小範圍,最小必要範圍來做規範。」