Mother of Murder Victim Call for Death Sentence on Suspect|小燈泡案結辯 王婉諭請求判被告死刑

In March 2016, a little old girl was murdered by a man in broad daylight in front of her mother. As Taiwan High Court upholds life sentence for the murderer, the Supreme Court later ordered a retrial and the closing arguments of this case began on Dec. 24. The parents of the little girl nicknamed little light bulb, asked the court to issue the death penalty.

As her mother, I must say that my little girl made me brave. We are trying to complete the life journey that she wasn't able to experience.

Ms. Wang gave an emotional speech, expressing her thoughts on her daughter's case. In March 2013, she witnessed the murder of her little girl by a man named Wong Ching-yu. Three years later, Wang was sentenced to life imprison for being convicted of the intentional homicide of a child. After the second ruling, the Supreme Court ordered a retrial. Closing arguments of this case began on Dec. 24.

Under Taiwan's current criminal code, the defendant still has a chance for conditional parole after he's sentenced to life imprisonment. The defendant and his family members lack a sense of guilt, and they are passive about going through therapy. So there's a high risk of repeat offence and this is not something that the victim's family members can accept. Therefore, we hereby ask the court to hand down the death penalty. This is a very difficult choice.

Wang Wan-yu asked the court to hand down the death penalty. On the other hand, the lawyers of the defendant Wang Ching-yu said that Wang suffers from severe schizophrenia and that his cognitive functions have seen improvement after going through quarantine and treatment for more than three years. The lawyers said the defendant should not be subject to the death penalty citing international human rights conventions that prohibit cruel or inhumane punishment against defendants with disabilities or suffering from mental disorders.

The saying of "a life for a life" is an insult to the life of my late daughter because the value of her life can never be equaled by that of Mr. Wang (the suspect).

Both parents of the deceased little girl, nicknamed ''Little Light Bulb'', have asked the judge to hand down the death sentence. The presiding judge said he will announce the verdict on January 21, 2020.

小燈泡母親 王婉諭表示:「身為母親,小燈泡讓我變得勇敢,我們努力走完她來不及,來不及參與的人生。」


小燈泡母親 王婉諭表示:「以我們現在國家的制度,在法院給予無期徒刑的判決時,被告仍有可能在未來,有假釋的機會和可能性,被告及其家屬缺乏病識感,且對於治療的態度消極,因此再度發生的高危險的風險,絕非被害家屬所能夠忍受的,所以我們請求法院,給予極刑的判決,這是一個不得已的選擇。」


小燈泡母親 王婉諭表示:「一命抵一命,是對小燈泡生命的汙辱,在我心裡,小燈泡的生命,絕對不會與王先生的性命等價。」