NHI Allowing Third-Party Access to Health Record Draws Concerns|健保署"健康存摺"APP 逾160萬人下載使用

The National Health Insurance Administration developed an APP called My Health Bank which allows users to access their own medical record. Earlier in March, the administration allowed companies to apply for the access of these records without relative regulations which has sparked privacy concerns.

My Health Bank is a mobile app developed by the National Health Insurance Administration. It allows users to access their medical records in the last three years. After more than 1.6 million downloads, it has become one of the most popular phone apps developed by the government. Starting in March, the administration began allowing private companies to apply for access to public health records. However, it has not announced any regulations on the matter and it has drawn concerns over the possible misuse of personal data.

If an employee (of the companies with access to public health date) leaks some of the information as he or she leaves the companies, or if the company they partner up with have issues or goes out of business, what will they do with the information?

The administration responded to the concerns saying that members of the public need to first authorize their own health records before outside companies can access them. The public also has the right to choose which portion of their record can be accessed by third-parties, such as test results and prescriptions. The companies also need to provide reports on their information security measures. The administration also said the companies will not have access to these records indefinitely.

The public has a lot of options when it comes to which part of their information third-party companies can access. And like we said earlier, the authorization does not allow the companies to access the information indefinitely.

According to the latest statistics, a total of 71 companies and institutions have applied for the software development kit for the My Health Bank app. These include IT companies, medical institutions, government departments, and schools. The National Health Insurance Administration stresses that it won't open public health records to companies with funding from Mainland China. The administration also said that it is in the process of drawing up plans for regulating the access of information, which it will announce in early 2020.


交大科技法律所副教授 陳鋕雄表示:「員工離職的時候呢,做一些(動作)把資料洩漏,或者是說呢,它跟它的合作夥伴分享資料,結果它的合作夥伴有出問題,或它倒閉了,那這些資料如何處理。」


健保署企劃組長 張鈺旋表示:「勾選的時間還有勾選的欄位,資料內容都是由民眾自己來做選擇的,也就是說,我們這邊所提到的,沒有所謂的一次授權,然後終生有用。」