James Soong Video with Influencer Attract 200K Views a Day|宋與網紅拍片上架 獲年輕族群熱烈討論

Veronica Lin
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With the Presidential Elections less than a month away, People First Party's candidate James Soong filmed a video together with an internet influencer on Dec. 23 and successfully attracted the attention and discussion of the younger generation.

In the video that People First Party's presidential candidate James Soong filmed with internet celebrity HowHow, Soong put on a poker face and only three words were spoken. However, the video attracted 200,000 views within merely a day as it was found to be very humorous. As for Foxconn founder Terry Gou expressing regret over pulling out of the race and the possibility of letting Gou run as People First Party's presidential candidate in the future, Soong said that it's better to let the "seasoned master" lay the foundations first.

Next time, anyone can have a chance. But you need to let a seasoned master lay out a solid foundation first. Then everyone can continue to work for Taiwan upon this foundation.

Meanwhile, on the issue of the Democratic Progressive Party trying to pass the Anti-Infiltration Bill before the year ends, Soong said that no one will dare to oppose, as they will be marked as pro-China and a traitor to Taiwan by the DPP if they do. However, without careful scrutiny and discussion of the fine print, how can the bill be passed?

President Tsai definitely has a responsibility to put a stop to this. If the DPP and President Tsai don't rein in before it's too late, we should use our votes to force them off.

We went to China to have some religious exchange and they treated us to a meal. How would we know whether they were Communist Party members or not when we are eating? And if they are, then we become Commies too? Is our Mazu then a Commie? Is the Xuanwu God then a Commie? Is this how you DPP define it?

Soong emphasized that the Anti-Infiltration Bill is a "Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA)" bill, and examples of such cases in India and Hong Kong all ended in protests. Thus, DPP should beware. Furthermore, he also initiated dialogue with the nation's twelve main disabled groups on the morning of Dec. 24th. As the election race nears its end, it is evident that Soong is trying to target a wide range of groups to try win their support.


親民黨總統候選人 宋楚瑜表示:「下一次誰都有機會,但是要讓一個老師傅先打好基礎,讓大家可以持續得,在這個基礎之上,好好地為台灣。」


親民黨總統候選人 宋楚瑜表示:「蔡總統有絕對的責任,趕快阻止這件事情,如果民進黨和蔡總統,不趕快懸崖勒馬,我們就用票讓他們下架。」

親民黨總統競總發言人 于美人表示:「去大陸做宗教交流,如果去,我們怎麼知道人家請我們吃飯的時候,是不是共產黨,不小心請到,回來我們就是共匪了,我們就是共諜了。我們媽祖是共諜嗎?玄天上帝是共諜嗎?是你民進黨這樣認定的嗎?」