Presidential Candidates Engage in Heated Televised Presentation|總統大選首場政見發表會 蔡韓宋正面交鋒

Dec. 18 was the first televised national policy presentation for the 2020 presidential election. However, when it comes to the issues of sovereignty, the event suddenly turned into a session of debate.

During the first televised national policy presentation session, presidential candidates from the ruling DPP, opposition KMT, and PFP shared the platform to express their policies. However, shortly after the event kicked off, it has turned into a session of debate.

After your close friend No.1 stepped down, your close friend No.2 became the secretary general. Mayor Han, care to explain how this happened?

Why this question? In the second round of debate, why don't you keep asking me how I got my food and seasonings in my house, and whether I stole them?

KMT Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu challenged DPP Candidate Tsai Ing-wen with questions on the status of Taiwan and criticized Tsai for only referring to Taiwan as "this nation" in the past three years.

I hope that, if President Tsai does not support Taiwan independence, you need to clearly state it. And please follow my lead and shout this slogan "Long live the ROC" three times. I hope you have the guts to say it, otherwise just say that you support Taiwan independence.

Aren't we here to elect the next president of the ROC? I currently am the fourteenth president, and we are in the process of electing the fifteenth. Also, don't we have many national flags in this venue? Isn't the ROC Constitution in place? So when he (Han Kuo-yu) talked about the identity of the ROC, it really sounds like a non-issue.

While candidates of both major parties engaged in heated debates, People First Party Candidate James Soong emphasized on his unyielding resolution to defend the ROC sovereignty.

In the next four years, it's impossible for Taiwan to either become independent to reunite with China. But James Soong is resolute in defending the sovereignty of the Republic of China. That will never change. I only want Taiwan to win, I want the Republic of China to win. I will only serve one term and I will maintain justice. It's an important statement so I need to say it three times.

Dec. 29 will be the first presidential debate ahead of the 2020 presidential election. PTS will be responsible for holding the event.


民進黨總統候選人 蔡英文:「第一號閨密辭職以後,第二號閨密又變成主秘,這件事情,韓市長要不要好好解釋一下呢?」

國民黨總統候選人 韓國瑜:「你為什麼,我希望第二輪你繼續問我,我們家柴米油鹽醬醋茶怎麼來的,醬油麻油醋,是不是去偷來的?」


國民黨總統候選人 韓國瑜:「所以我希望蔡英文總統,如果不支持台獨,講清楚之後,請跟著我的方向,我大喊三聲,我希望蔡英文總統你也大喊三聲,中華民國萬歲、中華民國萬歲、中華民國萬歲,希望你勇敢地喊出來,否則希望你喊出台灣獨立。」

民進黨總統候選人 蔡英文:「我們現在不就在選中華民國的總統嗎?我現在就是第十四任的總統,我們現在在選第十五任總統。另外,我們這滿場不就是國旗嗎?我已經擔任總統三年多來,這個政府的運作,不就是跟著我們中華民國的憲政體制在運作嗎?所以我剛剛聽他講了一大堆,中華民國的事,就是無中生有。」


親民黨總統候選人 宋楚瑜:「未來這四年,獨立和統一,都不可能,但是宋楚瑜捍衛中華民國主權,堅持維護台灣自由民主的決心,絕不改變,只求台灣勝,中華民國贏,只做一任,撥亂反正,只做一任,撥亂反正,只做一任,撥亂反正,因為很重要,所以要講三遍。」