Will Starlux Benefit from Far Eastern Shutdown?|外傳可能接收遠航既有航線? 星宇否認

M. Chuang
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Far Eastern Air Transport announced the suspension of flights without warning on Dec. 12. This has caused the rise of competition in the domestic aviation market. According to rumors, Starlux Airlines may receive Far Eastern's customer base. In response, Starlux spokesperson Nieh Kuo-wei said Starlux would not receive Far Eastern's existing routes.

Starlux Airlines, which will start flying next month, has its sights set on superior food and beverage service and is taking on the challenge of serving hot soup at 35,000 feet.
We think outside the box at Starlux Airlines. We solve problems using a corporate way of thinking. We will serve hot soup on our flights. This is not an easy task, but we've found a way.

Starlux's inaugural flight will take place on Jan. 23 and its reservation system opens on Dec. 16. With Far Eastern Air Transport announcing the suspension of flights on the 12th, many expect Starlux to benefit.
We will not be taking over Far Eastern's existing routes. We will be using our existing foundation to develop our flight network.

Four domestic airlines have exited the market in the past 20 years. U-Land Airlines made headlines by selling NT$1 tickets when it debuted in 1995, but expanded too quickly and stopped flying in October 1998. It declared bankruptcy and shut down in 2001. Transasia Airways subsidiary V Air began flying in 2014, but also suffered from financial issues and stopped flying in October 2016. Transasia, meanwhile, stopped flying without warning one month later.

At present, China Airlines, EVA Air, and their subsidiaries dominate the domestic market. If Far Eastern is unable to turn things around and its permit is revoked by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, its cross-strait traffic rights will also be revoked and redistributed by the Civil Aeronautics Administration.


星宇航空執行長 翟健華表示:「星宇航空,我們是以跳脫框架的一個企業思維來想辦法,在飛機上我們要提供熱湯,是很不容易的一件事情,但是我們還是做到了。」


星宇航空發言人 聶國維表示:「我們不會去接收遠東的既有的航線,我們會站在我們既有的一個基礎之下,陸續的去開闢我們新的航線。」