Far Eastern Air Transport Shutting Down Again|遠航成立62年 曾是國內航空線龍頭

Far Eastern Air Transport has had its highs and lows in the 62 years since it was established. From a domestic aviation heavyweight to now, it has suspended flights on several occasions. In recent days, it became the most heavily fined airline Taiwan after canceling flights. This is truly a pity. Airline Chair Chang Kang-wei announced on Dec. 12 that the canceled flights were the result of a mixup and said he is determined to continue operating the airline.

Dressed in his uniform, this Far Eastern Air Transport pilot is headed to work. He says airline employees were caught off guard when the company announced the suspension of operations.

Were you notified? No. I still don't know what's going on. As of now, I'm just going to work as usual.

Far Eastern Air Transport was Taiwan's first private airline. Established in 1957 by Hu Tung-ching, it launched passenger flights in 1962. Operations were briefly shut down in 2008 due to financial issues and resumed in 2009 under Chang after a bankruptcy filing. Flights didn't resume until April 2011. In 2015, the Taipei District Court ruled the reorganization was successful. In March 2017, the Civil Aeronautics Administration ordered the airline to reduce total pilot flight hours due to the airline's aging fleet and high malfunction rate. This past May, another financial crisis erupted. However, the airline announced the purchase of new aircraft in August.

We have been criticized a lot over the speed at which we are replacing our fleet. The truth is, this is due to how much we care about flight safety.

Far Eastern was once Taiwan's top domestic flight operator but has never recovered from bankruptcy in 2008. Due to the number of flights canceled, it holds the record for largest fine in domestic airline history. At present, its problems include depreciation, its lawsuit with Air Lease Corp., the ban on its Airline and Life Networking cryptocurrency, and inability to get loans from banks.


遠航機師表示:「(你們有收到通知嗎?) 完全沒收,現在也不知情,目前為止我是按照正常在出勤。」


遠航董事長 張綱維 [8.12]表示:「我們忍受很多外界的指責,說我們換機的速度太慢,實在是因為我們非常重視飛安。」