Eight Yushan Hikers Died This Year Through November|挑戰玉山成熱潮 今年山域救援達40起

More and more people are taking on the challenge of climbing Yushan. Over 45,000 applications to enter the park area were approved this year, but Yushan National Park Headquarters recorded 40 rescue missions this year through the end of November.

This past January, "Bikini Hiker" Gigi Wu climbed up Yushan's Mabolasi Trail by herself to take photos and died of hypothermia after falling into a ravine.

With the number of hikers climbing up Yushan rising in recent years, the number of hiking accidents has also risen. According to Yushan National Park Headquarters, the number of rescue missions sent out has doubled in the last decade. The park recorded 40 rescue missions in the first 11 months of this year, compared to 42 last year and 37 in 2017.

The number of accidents caused by falls is relatively higher. Before you head up the mountain, you must do your homework and be prepared for all eventualities. This includes physical training, equipment, preventive measures against altitude sickness, and researching relevant information online.

Falls and slips account for 12, or 30 percent, of the accidents reported this year, followed by altitude sickness or hypothermia and then illness or injury. There were eight deaths this year, including four caused by falls into ravines. The mountaineering association says Yushan has become a popular hiking destination in recent years but there remains an inherent amount of risk with it being East Asia's highest peak.

If you cross paths on a ledge, my personal opinion is you should take off your backpack and let one person pass first. Mountainous areas are opening up to the public, so more and more hikers are taking on the challenge of climbing Yushan. This makes it very simple. Before you embark on a hike, visit a travel clinic at a hospital and get a proper physical assessment done by professionals.

Park officials say summiting Yushan's primary peak is no longer difficult, but hikers should do their homework and make sure they are physically capable of climbing the peak. Lack of experience or conditioning are the main causes of accidents, so everyone should pick the trail that is right for them.


玉管副處長 林文和表示:「墜崖的事件比較多數,我們統計是以讓路啦!登山之前一定要做好,所謂的萬全的準備,包括體能訓練,包括裝備,包括高山症的預防等等,這都是要(準備),還要上網查一些資料。」



台中市山岳協會總幹事 張賀融表示:「那個山壁間相遇的話,我個人是覺得,應該是把背包拿下來之後,讓一個人先通過,我們的山林區域開放,導致很多山友想要去攀登玉山的話,就會變得非常簡單,(登山前)大醫院看個旅遊門診科,請醫師評估你自己的身體狀況。」