COA Preparing for Influx of Illegal Pork During CNY Holiday|春節防疫工作嚴峻 全力防堵中國.東亞肉品

African swine fever in China is still persisting. Minister of Agriculture Chen Chi-chung says Taiwan must block China not only during the Chinese New Year holiday, but also block meat products from other East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

This Chunghwa Post truck leaves Taoyuan International Airport filled with parcels and packages. Once it arrives at the Taipei Mail Processing Center, the mail is sent up to the seventh floor for inspection by sniffer dogs. The packages are then X-rayed and individually checked for illegal meat products. The number of violations always spikes during holidays. In September during the Mid-Autumn Festival, for example, Chunghwa Post recorded 149 problem packages compared to the monthly average of 18.

Everyone can see here the impact of holiday gift-giving on disease prevention that I mentioned earlier.

Since last year, border control has seized 2,730 pork products. Of this number, 203 tested positive for African swine fever. Fourteen percent were from China and 41 percent from Vietnam. The Council of Agriculture says Chinese New Year next year will be a major challenge.

African swine fever has now spread to 10 countries all over Asia, especially East Asia. The challenge we will encounter next year will be even greater than this year.

Even with more stringent postal inspections, there have been reports of Taiwanese people ordering mousetraps that come with pork as bait from China. The mousetraps reportedly escape inspection. The council says apart from asking e-commerce platforms to strengthen controls, consumers ordering such products must send the included pork to disease prevention authorities instead of discarding it.

中華郵政的卡車,從桃園國際機場將民眾的海外郵寄的包裹,運送到台北郵件處理中心,輸送帶將包裹運送到七樓,先由檢疫犬開始檢查是否含有違規的肉製品,緊接著再送往X光機,進行百分之百檢查,根據統計,逢年過節民眾海外郵寄包裹數量暴增,平時一個月18件違規,今年 9月中秋節假期就149件。

農委會防檢局基隆分局長 董好德表示:「這裡大家就可以印證到,我剛剛所講的,就是年節送禮對於防疫,所形成的衝擊。」


農委會主委 陳吉仲:「今年的過年,我們所遇到的是,所有亞洲地區,尤其是東亞這邊,總共有十個國家(是疫區),今年過年所遇到的挑戰,會比去年更多。」