President Christens Coast Guard Vessel|總統主持艦艇交船儀式 強調國艦國造政策

President Tsai Ing-wen traveled to Kaohsiung on Dec. 6 to preside over the christening and delivery of a Coast Guard patrol vessel. She said the government's indigenous shipbuilding policy has already succeeded in revitalizing the shipbuilding industry. In other news, netizens discovered photos of Tsai hugging the dog of Yang Hui-ju, who was allegedly paid by the Democratic Progressive Party to influence public opinion through online posts. Tsai tried to downplay the relationship, saying she was merely interacting with members of the public during a march and denied knowing Yang.

President Tsai Ing-wen christened a Coast Guard patrol vessel on Dec. 6 during a ship launching ceremony at Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group's Kaohsiung shipyard. In her speech, she claimed the government's indigenous shipbuilding policy has successfully revitalized the country's shipbuilding industry.

The domestic shipbuilding industry has been able to overcome the downturn that lasted over the past several years, and is now preparing to once again flourish.

Meanwhile, the shipbuilder said that it won't have to worry about purchase orders for an eight-year period after accepting the Coast Guard Administration's commission. In other national defense news, two United States military B-52H strategic bombers entered Taiwan's flight information region on Dec. 4. The Ministry of National Defense refused to comment on this issue on Dec. 5 when it was asked whether this was a response to China sending its bombers to fly around Taiwan. Tsai made no comment on this issue, just saying the government was fully aware of the entire situation.

Our Ministry of National Defense and our military were in complete control during the entire time. We also analyzed the intent of these military operations during the entire time.

Meanwhile, Tsai's Democratic Progressive Party has been implicated in a new scandal involving Yang Hui-ju, who has been accused of leading an Internet Army to influence public opinion. Netizens recently uncovered photos of Tsai with Yang, and the president was even hugging Yang's dog. Tsai previously denied even knowing Yang, and she claimed these photos were taken during a march where she was merely interacting with the public.

I took photos with many people in many public locations. On that day, during that march, many people interacted with me. These are all things that normally occur, and don't mean that I recognize every single person or know every single person.

Yang allegedly posted an article online that led to the suicide of a diplomat stationed in Osaka. Tsai said the judicial system has already clarified the facts and urged people not to manipulate this case for political gain.


總統 蔡英文表示:「可以讓國內的造船產業,越過前幾年,造艦造船產業的低潮期,準備再一次的邁向高峰。」


總統 蔡英文表示:「我們的國防部跟我們的軍方,都有全面的掌控,我們也隨時都會來判讀,這一些軍事行動的意圖。」


總統 蔡英文表示:「我在很多的群眾場所裡面,跟很多人合影,而且也在(當天)遊行當中,有很多名群眾跟我互動,這都是經常發生的事情,這也並不代表說,我對每一個人都認得,或者是每個人我都熟識。」