James Soong Promotes Campaign with New Single|宋楚瑜錄台語選戰歌曲 拉近與選民距離

Presidential candidates from major parties have launched their promotional songs. People First Party Candidate James Soong has recorded a song in Taiwanese in an effort to closely connect to voters.

People First Party Presidential Candidate James Soong put on a pair of headphone and recorded a song in Taiwanese. This is part of his campaign to connect with his voters.
You should hear me sing later. It's not bad.
I do need to say that you've chosen the right career path as a politician and not a singer.

During a radio interview ahead of the imminent presidential election, James Soong criticized opposition KMT for not putting the appropriate candidate forward. He said that he wouldn't have come and joined the race if the KMT had elected former Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, incumbent New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu or Wang Jin-pyng as the party's presidential candidate. Eric Chu said that he did run in the previous election, to which James Soong responded with criticism.
I joined the race first, and Eric Chu joined after me. They got the order wrong.

As for Han's recent comment referring to himself, Democratic Progressive Party vice presidential candidate William Lai, and Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je as the "three cyberbullied brothers", Soong has his own take on the matter.

Honestly, if nobody smears you as a political figure, then what kind of talent are you? If no one is envious of you, you're just mediocre. If no one smears you, you're just stupid.

PFP's vice-presidential candidate Sandra Yu has met with KMT legislator Chang Chia-chun in Yunlin County. Soong said that he's familiar with Chang's father, and he thought Chang was going to run as a PFP member. But instead, she got poached by the KMT.


親民黨總統參選人 宋楚瑜 vs. 發言人 于美人表示:「你等等聽聽我唱的, 還可以啦!(只能講說主席絕對不是一個,被政治耽誤的歌手。」


親民黨總統參選人 宋楚瑜表示:「我先出來,他(朱立倫)後出來,講什麼,把時程搞錯了。」


親民黨總統參選人 宋楚瑜表示:「坦白講,做政治人物的人,假如哪個不被黑的話,那哪還像一個奇才呀!不招人嫉,是庸才;不被人黑,是蠢才。」