Lee Chia-fen Family Responds to Controversy of Gravel Case|李佳芬弟弟露面 稱砂石案遭斷章取義

The family of Kuomintang presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu's wife, has been at the center of an improper gravel excavation case for several days where information dug up by various people were being used to cast suspicions of impropriety on the father of Han's wife, Lee Ri-kuei, who was a former councillor. On Dec. 4, the Lee family broke their silence to refute the claims, saying that the information that was dug out has been deliberately placed out of context and then spread online and by the media to damage Lee Ri-kuei's reputation.

The pan-green camp is using a gravel case to cast aspersions on Kuomintang presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu by way of his wife's family. Lee Chia-fen's younger brother, Yunlin County Councillor Lee Ming-che, broke his silence on the 4th to defend his father. Lee blasted the media for portraying his father, former Yunlin County Councillor Lee Ri-kuei, as a corrupt businessperson. The younger Lee produced old council interpellation records to prove his father's innocence and criticized media outlets for maliciously reporting fake news and taking items out of context.

My father is a legal businessperson who legally operated a company that legally earned revenues. He absolutely did not engage in any shady gravel business. The rumors are completely untrue.

Lee referenced President Tsai Ing-wen's promise to take action against people who manufacture fake news and asked Tsai to live up to her promise and restore his father's good name. Lee also expressed hopes that Tsai can give everyone fair, equal treatment on this front.

Elections should be able to live up to public scrutiny when it comes to fairness and reason. President Tsai Ing-wen, there is so much fake news circulating nowadays. People are attacking my father's character with malicious lies. I am asking and begging you, again, for your help to stop all this fake news.

Legislator Huang Kuo-chang of the New Power Party, who started the rumors, continues claiming Lee Ri-kuei used his prerogative in the gravel purchase case.

Everyone can clearly see there is gravel and gravel trucks in the circled area. This is a gravel yard. Even more scary is that there are big holes in there. What does this photo represent? Please stop lying through your teeth.

Displaying an aerial photo from 2001, Huang said Han and his wife should explain what the big holes were filled with. Huang also questioned whether the National Property Administration inspected the land after it reclaimed it and said he will ask the administration to conduct a legal investigation.


雲林縣議員 李明哲表示:「我父親是合法業者,所經營的事業合法公司,所賺的是合法的錢,絕對跟盜採砂石,做無本生意的,這樣是完全不一樣的。」


雲林縣議員 李明哲表示:「我能接受說,選舉的過程,整個社會公平合理檢驗,蔡英文總統,現在還有很多假新聞,在惡意扭曲打擊我爸的人格,我要拜託再次懇託,要拜託妳來幫忙,讓這些假新聞都消失。」


時代力量立委 黃國昌表示:「圈出來的這塊地,大家可以很清楚的看到有砂石,有砂石的輸送帶,有砂石,這就是在搞砂石場,更可怕的事情是裡面還有一個個的大洞,這照片代表什麼,請不要再睜眼說瞎話。」