Migrant Workers Call for End to Broker System|訴求"廢除仲介制度" 移工週日大遊行

Thirty years have passed since Taiwan opened its doors to migrant workers, but migrant workers are still forced to pay exorbitant sums of money to come to Taiwan and many continue to be exploited by brokers. Migrant workers will hold a rally on Dec. 8 to demand an end to the broker system.

The Migrants Empowerment Network has organized a rally for Dec. 8 to draw attention to the longstanding issue of brokers colluding to exploit migrant workers. It will demand an end to the broker system, and call for the government to directly negotiate with other governments over the hiring of migrant workers to avert exploitation.

In order to come to Taiwan to work, they need to sell their farms, sell their land, sell their cattle, or take out high-interest loans or sign promissory notes. They can't come unless they go deep into debt. The government demands a service charge of NT$1,800 a month for the first year, NT$1,700 a month for the second year, and NT$1,500 a month for the third year for a total of NT$60,000 over three years. For a migrant worker, this means that they work for nothing for nearly three months under a three-year contract.

The group says migrant workers must pay large sums of money to agents and brokers before they leave their home countries. After they come to Taiwan, they need to pay a service charge of NT$60,000 over three years. Though the government abolished the regulation that migrant workers have to leave the country every three years in 2016, migrant workers seeking to switch employers still need to pay an additional NT$20,000 to NT$100,000 to brokers.

Who can put up with this? If you ask to change employers, they'll charge you. This is assuming that they didn't threaten to send you back. Who wants to go back like that? That's why people choose to abscond.

A direct hiring system doesn't bring any benefits to employers, because employers don't know where migrant workers are available, and migrant workers don't know where employers are available. Direct hiring will only work if there are already existing labor relationships.

Migrant worker groups say the starting point of the rally will be the Kuomintang headquarters. The route also includes the Democratic Progressive Party headquarters, as workers are requesting the two political parties to declare their stance on this issue. The Ministry of Labor says it has already established a direct migrant worker hiring service center, and it encourages employers to directly hire migrant workers. It will also fine brokers who are found to be charging excessive fees.


天主教新竹教區移民移工服務中心主任 劉曉櫻表示:「他們要賣田、賣地、賣牛,或是簽下高利貸,或簽下本票,要負債累累才能到台灣工作,政府規定的第一年1800,第二年1700,第三年1500,這三年六萬的服務費,對一個勞工來講,他三年的合約,有將近三個月是在做白工。」


印尼移工 Wiwin表示:「誰受得了,如果要求轉換雇主就會被要錢,這還是假設沒有被威脅遣返的話,誰要這樣回去呢,所以他們選擇逃跑。」

台灣國際勞工協會研究員 陳秀蓮表示:「直聘制度對雇主,是沒有任何利益的,因為第一我根本不知道,外勞在哪裡?外勞也不知道雇主在哪裡?我可以使用直聘的前提,只有我跟這個雇主原本有勞僱關係。」