Arcade Smoking Ban Goes into Effect in Kaohsiung|高雄12月起上千店家騎樓禁菸 首日罰5件

Starting Dec. 1, over a thousand chain convenience stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants and other stores in Kaohsiung City will start to implement a smoking ban under arcades. Violators will face fines of NT$2,000 to NT$10,000. On the first day, five people were fined and some say that they weren't aware of this new regulation yet.

Kaohsiung announced an arcade smoking ban outside 1,000 convenience store, coffee shop and fast food restaurant locations, and under covered areas on Sept. 1. The ban went into effect on Dec. 1. Five smokers were fined on the first day.

On Dec. 1, we sent out inspectors to 83 locations. Five people were fined.

The Department of Health says anyone caught with a lit cigarette will be fined NT$2,000 to NT$10,000. Some residents support the ban, while others say smokers will just find new places to smoke and the ban won't necessarily reduce the number of smokers or secondhand smoke.
Non-smokers and pedestrians won't have to inhale as much secondhand smoke. This is reasonable.

There aren't that arcades outside convenience stores anymore. Us smokers are in a pitiable situation. We have nowhere to smoke. All we can do is try to find a place that's hidden from view to smoke. It's so hard to find a place to smoke.

Taipei and New Taipei launched similar bans on Sept. 1. In these two special municipalities, both smokers and businesses providing ashtray dustbins have been fined. Arcade smoking bans will go into effect in Taichung and Taoyuan next year. Tainan will also implement a smoking ban at 15 bus stops, but an arcade smoking ban is still under consideration.


高市衛生局社區心理衛生中心技正 黃英如表示:「12月1號,也就是昨天,我們開始進行了一個稽查,稽查取締的工作,昨天一共兵分多路,一共稽查了83家,然後取締了5位行為人。」