Doctors Give Advice to Parents Considering Helmet Therapy|台中新生兒戴矯正頭盔 引發嚴重熱疹

Many parents turn to helmet therapy to try correct the shape of their babies' skulls. Recently, a Taichung resident surnamed Wang purchased a custom helmet for her four-month-old son, however, after wearing the helmet for over 10 hours a day for three weeks, the baby developed a severe heat rash. Doctors say infant skin is particularly sensitive, and long-term use of tight helmets could affect the development of the brain.

A red rash has appeared on the skin of this four-month-old infant's head and neck. Previously, the boy's mother ordered a custom-made helmet for her baby to correct the shape of his skull. She didn't expect wearing the helmet would result in a rash.

The back of his head was a bit flat. I thought it was okay at first, but then I thought it looked too obvious.

The mother says her son always slept on the same side, which caused the right back side of his head to become misshapen. She ordered a custom-made helmet and put it on him for 15 to 20 hours a day during a three-week period. Doctors say infant skin and sweat glands are still developing, and wearing helmets will affect perspiration. Moreover, if severe heat rashes occur, they could lead to septicemia.

If small blisters on the skin surface pop, bacteria will be able to enter easily through them. If inflammations occur deeper in the skin, where the blood flow is more abundant, the bacteria could enter the body via the blood.

Many parents use helmet therapy to correct the shape of their children's skulls. However, many abnormalities are simply due to posture, with no underlying diseases that will affect development. Doctors say parents should vary the sleeping positions of infants under the age of four months and not allow them to spend all their time sleeping on one side, thereby preventing pressure from always being exerted on the same side.

The helmets are a fixed size, but infant heads are still developing. The circumference of the head increases at a fast pace, especially during the first six months. If you deliberately confine the head, then it won't be able to grow.

If the problem is simply due to posture, correcting the posture can resolve the problem before the age of one. Overuse of helmets may even affect infants' brain development. Parents who are insistent on corrections should check with doctors first.




茂盛醫院皮膚科醫師 鍾佩宜表示:「皮膚上面,有小顆小顆的水泡,水泡破了,都是細菌進入的開口,如果發炎的位置,如果,在皮膚更深層的地方,血流豐富的地方,細菌可能就會,沿著血流進到體內。」


茂盛醫院兒科醫師 王鼎堯表示:「(頭盔)是固定的大小,可是腦部還在成長的情況下,尤其頭六個月,頭圍增加速度非常快,它故意,把它圈囿住,其實是沒辦法長的。」