Core Pacific Living Mall to Close for Good on Nov. 30|京華城感恩節熄燈將歇業 告別18年風華

Taipei's Core Pacific Living Mall will close its doors for the final time on Nov. 30 after 18 years of operations. Founder Shen Ching-ching says the mall was his pride and glory and also an 18-year headache. He became emotional when he started talking about what would happen to mall employees.

Core Pacific Living Mall founder Shen Ching-ching presides over a lights-out ceremony on Thanksgiving Day.

The lights in the sphere are being turned off floor by floor, symbolizing the closure of Living Mall.

The mall was once the world's largest spherical structure and at one point Taiwan's only 24-hour mall. Shen first came up with the idea of a 24-hour entertainment and shopping center in 1987, and the mall opened in 2001.

It was a dream come true, a source of pride, and an 18-year headache.

The mall lost money year after year. Shen says he has already paid the price for his past mistakes, but grew emotional when he was asked about the future of the mall's 120 employees.

I've never called my colleagues "employees." They will always be my colleagues and my comrades. To call them "employees" would be doing wrong by them. They will always be my colleagues, not [my] workers.

The Core Pacific Group is working with the Taiwan Council of Shopping Centers to find new jobs for the workers. The mall, which was sold earlier this year, will be torn down and replaced with a commercial complex. Nov. 30 will be the final day of business.




京華城創辦人 沈慶京表示:「它曾經是我幻想的驕傲,也是我十八年的悲傷。」


京華城創辦人 沈慶京表示:「我從來沒叫我的同仁是員工,他們永遠是我的同仁,是我的戰友,這樣子講他們是員工,我實在太對不起他們了,他們永遠是我的同事,不是工人啊!」


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