Han "666 Parenting Subsidy" with Annual Budget NT$57 Billion|韓國政團隊666育兒補助政策 年經費570億

Han Kuo-Yu's national policy advisory team announced the "666 childrearing subsidy". Thy plan wishes to provide government funding for all childrearing costs up to age 6. Parents can receive up to NT$60,000 of child support subsidy each year and it plans to provide free education for all children aged 3 to 4.

In order to save the low birthrate in Taiwan, all presidential candidates have put forward a plan to provide government funding for all childrearing costs up to age 6. Han Kuo-yu's national policy advisory team and his running mate, Simon Chang announced the details of this plan by criticising Tsai Ing-wen as copycat.

We say that Tsai's ability to come up with her own policy is zero but she scores 100 in the ability in copying other people's policy. Babies born after May 20th can receive NT$30,000 and $60,000 depending on if they are first-born or the second-born. We don't want to spend budgets on extending the HSR to Pingtung when no one is taking the train but the mosquitos. We are using the budget of NT$57 billion to build a train of talents.

Simon Chang said once Han is elected president, this "childrearing subsidy" would be implemented right after the inauguration on May 20th. The annual budget of NT$57 billion would be used to cultivate talents and professionals, instead of extending the HSR to Pingtung. Han's advisory team had put forward a "666 Parenting Subsidy" in which the government subsidize each household with NT$30,000 for the first-born and NT$60,000 for the second-born. There is also a monthly "child support subsidy" of NT$5,000 until the age of 6, which amounts to NT$60,000 per year. Former Minister of Education Wu Ching-chi also said to extend the national compulsory education down to the age of 5. Children ages 3 and 4 years old can be free in preschool. Also, education centers for kids under the age of 3 will be set up around Taiwan and increasing the salary of teachers in private kindergartens by NT$2,000 will be offered.

The national compulsory education is extended downward to the age of 5. It is a trend in mutual development in the world.

In related news, it was reported that a Chinese spy confessed to the Australian government that Han has received millions of donations in US dollars from government of China. Han was outrageous and said on Facebook that NCC is a DPP-affiliated agency and questioned the NCC for malfeasance in office and failure to supervise. Han has demanded the National Security Bureau to step in and investigate.


國民黨副總統參選人 張善政表示:「我們講說(蔡英文)政策,自己發想的能力是零分,但是抄襲人家政策,趕快灑幣,這是100分,520以後出生的小baby,看是第一胎或第二胎以後,分別有3萬跟6萬的補助,我們不要屏東蚊子盲腸線高鐵,我們用570億搭建人才高鐵。」

張善政喊出明年韓國瑜當選,520就任就開始實施,編列預算每年570億來養人才,而不是砸五百億蓋蚊子高鐵南延屏東案。韓國瑜團隊喊出育兒666政策,第一胎生育補助 3萬、第二胎補助6萬。此外,養育費每月五千元,換算下來每年六萬塊一路補助到六歲。前教育部長吳清基也喊出,國民義務教育將向下延伸從五歲開始;3歲4歲免學費,廣設三歲以下幼兒教育中心。以及提高私立幼兒園導師費2000元

韓國瑜國政顧問團教育召集人 吳清基表示:「國民教育向下延伸到五歲,這是世界共同發展的一種趨勢。」