Ko Targets DPP, Independence Supporters|不滿被綠營抹紅 柯文哲再批台獨是欺騙

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je is hoping his Taiwan People's Party will be able to win seats in the 2020 legislative elections. He said he would not ask former Social Democratic Party Chairperson Fan Yun, currently a DPP legislator-at-large candidate, to serve as his deputy mayor, as their styles are completely different.

Ko Wen-je and his Taiwan People's Party are actively campaigning to win seats in the 2020 legislative elections. Ko attacked the Democratic Progressive Party on Nov. 21 during an e-sports competition. This was one day after he criticized pro-independence supporters for their hypocrisy, saying their offspring hide overseas while claiming to love the country. He made it clear he was not happy about being accused of being "red."

I really hate being smeared as red. We are being really pragmatic in handling and resolving things. You shouldn't be tagging people with unfair labels every day. Sometimes you do this because you're not happy, and I'll just throw it back at you. These people, their whole families emigrated to New Zealand, but they hold fundraisers in Taiwan every year to raise money for Taiwan independence. That's not okay with me.

DPP vice presidential candidate William Lai previously described himself as a "pragmatic worker for Taiwan independence," which Kuomintang presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu retorted was tantamount to trickery. Ko was unwilling to comment, only saying that Taiwan is a sovereign and independent yet abnormal country. He also attacked former Social Democratic Party Chairperson Fan Yun, saying she bought her way onto the DPP's legislator-at-large nominee list.

Mayor Ko's words were the last straw. That's why I spoke out last night about how during both 2014 and 2018, Mayor Ko sent an envoy to me inviting me to be his deputy mayor.

You should go ask her who the envoy was. Let me use this opportunity to check which of my people served as the envoy. There are only three possibilities here. One is that she was deceived. One is that she is lying. One is that this situation was a dream brought on by Mazu.

Ko was quite outspoken in his response, and questioned who the supposed envoy was.

Mayor Ko can't have double standards for people and matters. Willing to work with him is finding one's conscience politically. Not working with him is selling out and exchanging favors.

Buying a space is buying a space. What's the point of continuing to talk about it? Your party no longer exists, why are you still so long-winded?

Ko appeared to have wanted to say something about Fan abandoning her constituency, but finally said corporate reorganizations are common following mergers and acquisitions to describe the situation.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我最討厭給人家抹紅,我們是很務實在處理,這個要怎麼解決,不要每天給人家扣帽子,你扣帽子有時候不高興,我就給你打回去,全家都移民紐西蘭,每年在台灣辦募款餐會,台獨募款餐會,我看了就不順眼。」


民進黨不分區立委被提名人 范雲表示:「柯市長這樣說,踩到了我的底線,所以我昨天晚上就說出,柯市長在2014年和2018年,都曾經派人來邀請我,擔任他的副市長。」

台北市長 柯文哲表示:「應該去問她,去追問她,中間人是誰?我順便查一下,我們旁邊是誰在當掮客?只有三個可能嘛!一個是她被騙、一個她說謊、一個是媽祖託夢。」


民進黨不分區立委被提名人 范雲表示:「柯市長不能夠對人跟事,如此的雙重標準,那願意跟他合作,就是政治找回自己的良心,沒有跟他合作的,就是出賣,就是利益交換。」

台北市長 柯文哲表示:「被收買就被收買,囉哩叭嗦幹甚麼,你黨都沒有了,你還囉嗦什麼。」


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